Boat intercepted near Christmas Island

This is an ongoing saga for Australia. Obviously the new improved government policy is working a treat. Stop the entitlements to these people and we’ll quickly see this problem stop.

A boat with 92 asylum seekers on board has been intercepted off the coast of Western Australia. (I call it “aim for Christmas Island and the Navy will pick us up and then we get supported by the Aussie tax payer”)

The boat was stopped by the navy ship HMAS Albany last night.

The people on board have been taken to Christmas Island for health checks.

The Opposition says it has information that the group will be transferred to a detention centre in Darwin.

It says the crew has already been taken to the new facility.

The Opposition’s immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, says there are not enough beds on Christmas Island.

“The illegal arrival of the 25th boat this year carrying more than 90 passengers will leave just over 50 beds remaining on Christmas Island to cope with the ongoing surge in arrivals that we’ve seen since the Rudd Government first started rolling back the Coalition’s strong border protection regime,” he said.

“The issue is the fact that people will be brought to the mainland before their asylum claims have been tested, which will send a message to people smugglers that they can now get their clients all the way to the mainland,” he said.


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