“Math War” starts again in multicultural California.

Once again California schools mull over lowering standards to decrease the racial gap. With blacks and Mestizos at the bottom, and whites and Asians at the top.

California has already scrapped “gifted and talented” programs because too few blacks and central American immigrants qualify.

Phrases like “changes in the way we teach,” and “going in depth on concepts” are just code for “dumbing down the curriculum for everyone to create an illusion that blacks are doing better.” Despite billions of dollars, not to mention the election of a black president, nationwide efforts to lift the achievement of black students has been 56 years of absolute failure.

The only thing that schools desegregation has brought is higher taxes for white parents and sub-standard, violent schools for white children.

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This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. LIme LIte,

    I read your comments on Irish Savant with interest. I understand what you mean by the fall of the USA and Europe, but what exactly do you mean by “the future of Australia?” Should I shortlist Aussie-Land as a place for my children to springboard to should things turn to complete shite here in the States? Looking forward to hearing from you on this blog, C.

  2. Hi Joe – thanks for visiting my blog.

    The “future of Australia” that I refer to is the worry that – if Australia doesn't watch out, it'll be heading the same way as Europe and the USA. The multi-cultural brainwashing is also strong here and I hope that there are enough conservative ozzies to stop the rot. Are we safe anywhere? I thought I was when I lived in South Africa, but it all changed so quickly and we were betrayed by our government. Us white Saffas know the fate of the world if they don't wake up – we've living it.

  3. Hi Lime LIte,
    Actually, as a white US Southerner, I think I can somewhat relate to your feeling of having the rug pulled out from under your feet. Whereas your world basically vanished overnight, mine gradually did so. Mind you, I've lived other places (NYC, London), and can attest that my WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)culture is in demise everywhere. Those are very true words you spoke…”We're living it,” and I'm effing hating it. What I simply cannot bear is how contemporary society mandates that, in effect, my children be brought down to a lower level in the name of “equality” and multiculturalsim. After all, aren't all cultures equally productive? (note: sarcasm)

  4. Hey Joe,
    I've become very interested in USA history since Obama took over the presidency. He seemed too good to be true, so I decided to keep an eye on his shinanigans. You see, having lived with kaffirs my whole life, you get to know their true nature – which is lying, cheating, animalistic and backward.

    Not sure if you know anything of South Africa's history, but whites landed in Cape Town (western tip of the continent and my hometown) in 1652. There was nothing there. They started building towns, cleared land for farms and went exploring. There were no kaffirs in that area – only some strandlopers (beach walkers – type of bushmen). The whites only encountered blacks about 1000km outside of the Cape. The blacks existed by attacking other black tribes and stealing their cattle and women. So, of course that's what they did to the white explorers too. Anyway, over the years we went deeper north and discovered gold (the downfall of our country). We built mines, infrastructure, cities etc. and all this while the blacks continued to kill the whites and steal their cattle. So, eventually (+/- 1948) the government got fed up and banished them to their own homelands which were ultimately supported by the white tax payers. They got given everything, including health care. We should have let them die, but instead, the whites felt compassion and tried to school them; feed them and healed them. As a result, they soon out bred the whites and their population is now around 40 million (+/- 5 million whites). Then they demanded the country back! And, with the help of certain western countries (the USA played a major part), we were hounded and forced to integrate and live with these barbarians. So, now they have our beautiful country, they continue to kill the whites and, you guessed it, they steal our cattle. They are nothing but knuckle-dragging, backward primates with an average IQ of 67. These are the people put in charge of a once thriving country and the whites now cower in fear. Hence, I took my 2 white sons and left the country before we were murdered. If you have time, google and have a look at how the whites are being murdered. No quick death – instead we are butchered with knives/pangas; women are raped and then gutted; children are hung; babies are drowned etc. Where is the outrage from our compassionate western media?? The same as where they are whilst Obama is socialising your country.

    Anway, the only way for the whites in SA to survive is to force a seccession of the Cape to white control, as they can't argue that they were in that part of the country 400 years ago. That is the only way. But, the kaffirs won't let us. They know they can't look after their own people without the white tax money. We are forced to pay taxes to maintain 40million of them. They are too stupid and lazy to actually work for what they want. It's easier to steal and kill.

  5. Hiya Lime Lite,

    Wowsa, I certainly wouldn't want to be a white man in SA today. Seems like a horribly desperate situation. I took your advice and researched SA crime, and Holy Mother of God, it's really, really bad there, isn't it?

    Among other things, I came across video posts by an Afrikaner calling himself “R3indi3r,” who tells it like it is. Also found out about a community called Orania(?) I also came across one site called “Death of Johanneburg,” which speaks volumes. Your anger sounds justified. The taxpayer situation you described is one I am quite familiar with, where the white taxpayer foots the bill for parastic spongers who contribute NOTHING positive to society, and procreate exponentially. It's maddening.

    What really burns my beans is that NONE of the SA farm murders and crime make the news over here. It seems to me that the sheer numbers of murdered people makes it an official war. Christ, that's more dead people than battle casualties in the Middle East wars, no?

    It sounds as if your decision to leave was the only option left….I am certain that's what I would have done. Actually, I occasionally have fantasties about leaving the US for northern England. If I can help out with your US history studies let me know… I'm fairly well-versed in US and European history.

  6. Hey Joe,

    Orania is a white community which was formed just after our white government sold the white people out – around 1994. It's on land that was bought by a group of whites and they determine who may live there. Unfortunately, it's in the north of the country and the land is too small to sustain a large population. It's also land-locked so not a good option…

    Upwards of 3000 farmers have been murdered since 1994. That's more people than have killed in some wars. These people are sometimes killed so brutally – I've seen photos and it's stomach churning. The women are the worst off as they are usually gang-raped and then things are shoved in them to impale them eg. a sharpened broom pole, which comes out by their necks. I couldn't sleep for days after I saw those photos. They hung a small boy (around 9) in his house, still in his school uniform. Can you imagine coming home and seeing one of your relatives lying in blood, hacked to pieces? As you rightly point out – no one in the west has the guts to print these stories. It's swept under the carpet and put down to “Africa's problems”. Don't forget, it's us evil white racists being killed off so no worries. We apparently don't deserve to live due to the way we “treated” our blacks – even though they had the best living conditions; hightest life expectancy and were the best educated out of all blacks on the African continent under Apartheid. If you ask the older blacks, they all say they want Apartheid back as they had security and led a better life.

    Thanks for the offer re your history. I'm particularly interested in the South's history as I'm of the opinion that a lot of what was written at the time about the Civil War was false propoganda to make the South seem a lot worse than what it actually was. Sounds familiar – no?

  7. Lime Lite,

    Interesting that you're interested in Southern history. Of course it is very incorrect to focus on that aspect of American history now, unless of course, it's told through the viewpoint of the oppressed African slaves. You should just take a peek into my son's history book…it's enough to make you vomit. The Southern culture my parents knew is, quite literally, “gone with the wind.” For example, that rousing song called “Dixie” used to be the fight song for many school and state universities (Univeristy of Georgia, et al.), but now is legally prohibted from being played because of its racist lyrics…. You be the judge and decide if its lyrics are racist:

    “I wish I was in the land of cotton,
    Old times there are not forgotten,
    Look away! look away! look away!

    That's it. Racist. Hasn't been played by school bands since the 1960's. Used to be a staple of atheltic events, parades, etc. That's only one example of how Southern culture has been outlawed into the annals of history. Pretty, sad, no?

    Incidentally, I own one of those grand old antebellum plantation homes. Do you think these kinds of historical architectural treasures will be eventually taxed and outlawed because they were built with slave labor?

  8. Hey Joe,
    Wow – that you live in one of he old antebellum plantation homes is awesome. You are living in history!

    You need to remember that the Progressives/socialists need to destroy history to achieve their goal. They need to make you, a white person, feel totally displaced and hated. That is their aim. To do that they need to rewrite history. This is what's been done with South Africa. The ANC government has re-written all our school history books to make them look like the heroes and just for good measure, they've added and claimed things that either never happened or that some other party achieved.

    BTW – one of our biggest Boer (afrikaans word for farmer) separatists (of course labelled a supremist by the MSM) was murdered on his farm over the week-end. The ANC government lately has been reviving an old “war/liberation” song with the following words:
    Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer

    The ANC Youth League leader (Julius Malema) has sung this song at rallies the last few weeks and the Boer's took them to court to stop them as it incites blacks to murder white farmers (BTW – 5 farmers were murder within days of him singing the song). Anyway, Eugene Terreblance was murdered by 2 of his black farm labourers – apparently over a dispute about wages. These savage blacks don't understand that they have the right to lay charges at a police station if they feel they've been hard done by. No, it was just “easier” for them to hack him to death with a panga. Of course the overseas media aren't reporting the true facts – just that he was a white supremist. And the white genocide marches on….

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