Ankara: Turkey ease visa requirements, opening the gates ready to flood Europe with many illegal immigrants toward Greece

Apologies for the grammer in the post below. The original post has been translated (not very well), but you should get the gist of what the piece is trying to say. For those South African’s out there – remember Siener van Rensburg? He predicted years ago that the next war would be started by someone called the Turk and that the enemy would invade the USA from Russia through Alaska and then Canada, all the way down to Mexico… I’ll try to do a piece on his predictions soon as it makes interesting reading, whether you believe or not.

Ankara has abolished the visa requirement for several countries of the Middle East, including Syria and Libya. For Europe, this means a tightening of the security situation. For who is firstly reached without a visa from the Middle East to Turkey, which is also relatively easy after a loophole in the EU. It is therefore considered by the EU to liberalize visa in Ankara as a confrontation with the European countries. Turkey, which wants to become a full member of the European Union, begins with the opening of the border towards the Middle East is a clear signal. Thus, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Saudi Arabia was asked if this would change with an EU membership of Turkey’s policy towards Muslim countries. He answered with a quotation from the Koran: “Strive for what is right, as it (by God) are commanded.” He also harshly criticized by the EU, which would make the Turkish accession candidates are on the doorstep.

The case is further complicated by the Turkish demands, however: how Ankara is pressing for visa-free entry into the EU. Under their respective agreements, there is no sufficient reason to the Turks refuse entry without a visa. Ankara had criticized that may enter the Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins already without visas to EU countries, Turkey is so despite the ongoing accession negotiations with the EU, but refused. Already, there are problems between Turkey and Greece, as Athens accuses the Turkish border authorities, ship with illegal immigrants can freely pass through the islands of the EU country Greece. The Deputy Director of the EU Border Agency “Frontex, Gil Arias Fernández, points to numerous cases in which the shut Turkish patrol boats allow traffickers to one eye. There is also a bilateral readmission agreement between Greece and Turkey, but Turkey considers this agreement a non. Estimates of the Greek authorities, thousands of immigrants on the Turkish coast, waiting for an opportunity to cross the short distance to Europe by sea. While the influx of illegal immigrants to Italy and Spain has declined, the islands of Leros and Patmos new arenas wave of illegal immigration from Asia and Africa. The abolition of visa requirements for countries of the Middle East is likely to increase pressure on Europe yet.

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  1. Glad you refer to Siener , you would have to be completely ignorant if you dont see some truth in his ramblings.
    The problem of interpretation thereof and the accuracy of the notes of what he says does arise.
    But the general ideas expressed in what he says is just spooky ,if one compares it to the current world situation.Really not bad for a “old boerseun” at all.

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