Asylum seekers are lured to the UK by its ‘enormous’ benefits, says Calais mayor in blistering attack on Britain

Who would’ve thunk that this could possibly be the reason that Africans, Asians and others are all clambering to get into the UK. The BNP needs to do well at the next election to stop this madness.

Destination Britain: Some of the thousands of would-be asylum seekers in Calais
Britain’s ‘enormous’ state handouts to asylum seekers were furiously criticised yesterday – by the Mayor of Calais.

Natacha Bouchart said these payouts were the lure for thousands of foreigners using the French port as a staging point to cross the Channel illegally.

She said the UK government’s policy was ‘imposing’ migrants on the town, costing the local economy millions.

Mrs Bouchart, 45, a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party, said she was so disgusted by what was going on that she refused to have any meetings with British government representatives.

She said the British system was predominantly to blame for thousands of Africans, eastern Europeans and Asians trying to clamber aboard lorries and trains in Calais every day.

‘Requesting asylum is easier with them (the British) than in France. The asylum seeker is given accommodation and receives up to £40 a week according to

their case, when the annual income of the average Eritrean is around $200 (£135).

‘That seems enormous and it’s attractive to them.’

In Britain, asylum seekers can receive payments as soon as a claim is lodged. In France, an asylum seeker generally is given nothing for six months

That is because the French bureaucratic system means it routinely takes a minimum of six months to have a claim for asylum – and with it the opportunity to receive state support – accepted.

Once accepted, the claimant can receive a range of benefits – but almost all prefer to try to reach Britain and secure immediate benefits.

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  1. It worries me that I am going to work myself to death here in the UK to support 1) The aged 2) lazy scumbag whites on the dole, but worst of all 3)Pregnant females from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East…

  2. I hear you brother. It's the lot of most western citizens – not only do these parasites cost us in tax money, but then our governments still give their homelands billions in aid….paid by the tax payer.

  3. Watch this video and then talk again:

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