Britain enriched with diversity: Pakistani first cousin marriages inbreeding cause 33% of all birth defects in UK

Great Britain, vastly enriched with multicultural diversity, now has a wonderful new statistic to add to their diversified portfolio – 33% of ALL birth defects in Britain are born to Pakistani first-cousin marriages. That’s 1/3 of all birth defects in the UK. Maybe this is the way to get rid of Islam…encourage more interbreeding. I don’t think the tax payer would mind funding this….I know I wouldn’t.

The Pakistani culture of marrying first cousins is the direct cause of 33 percent of all genetic birth defect children born in this country, a statistic which inflicts massive costs on the NHS-supporting taxpayers and social services, new figures have found.

Official — and out-of-date — birth records show that at the last count Pakistanis were responsible for 3 percent of the births in this country, but make up 33 percent of the 15 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects.

In Bradford, 75 percent of Pakistanis are married to first cousins. According to reports, the trend is also evident in Birmingham, where figures show that one in ten of all children born to first cousins died in childhood or suffered from a serious genetic disorder.

Overall, half of all Pakistanis in Britain marry a first cousin. As a result, they are 13 times more likely to produce children with genetic disorders than the general population, according to the Government-sponsored research.

The figures will be officially released by Crossbench peer Baroness Ruth Deech next week. She will call for the Government (i.e the taxpayers) to launch a “campaign to warn migrants of the risks of marriages between cousins.”

Baroness Deech will warn that “such marriages can be a barrier to the integration of minority communities and increases the risk of birth defects in children.”

In the speech, she will say that first cousin marriages are on the rise and the practice is “at odds with freedom of choice, romantic love and integration.”

The practice of first cousin marriages is continuing because of “financial reasons — either to settle debts or provide financial support for relatives abroad; helping relatives to migrate to Britain or wanting to provide a ‘ready-made’ family for an immigrant spouse.”

Meanwhile, British taxpayers must shoulder the burden for this Third World practice imported into Britain as a result of the continuing immigration invasion.


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  1. ..but she's so damned pretty…

  2. Good thing too. Let them marry their siblings.

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