Norwegians will become a minority in their own country by 2021, without even joining the EU !

Norway – how’s that Multi-culturalism working for you? Another guilt-ridden white nation soon to be extinct. Are they worried? Hell no. The government are more worried about joining the EU and implementing EU rules, than looking after their own people. Where are those fierce Vikings now??

Norwegian-speaking students are a minority at 58 elementary schools in Oslo, as shown by the results from a recent study.

During the last five years the number of schools in which Norwegian-speaking students form a minority has increased by 18, from 40 to 58.

In 2000, 31% of the students in Oslo were immigrants.

Today (2010) 40% of the students in Oslo are minorities. The number of non-Norwegian students in Oslo has increased by 1% each year, which means that Norwegians will be a minority in Oslo schools in 2021, if the trend continues.

AP politician Jan Bøhler says that they should ensure that every school has at least one-quarter Norwegian students.

What Jan Bøhler wants is to spread the immigrants out, which will just make the development even more severe, since then we will become a minority faster in all regions of Norway, instead of just the Oslo area.

Regarding the percentage increase: it’s ignorant to think that it will increase the same amount every year. Since they have a birthrate of 4.0 it will just multiply even faster the more numerous they become, so the number will increase even faster then that.

Jan Bøhler is naive and thinks they somehow can stop Norway from becoming Islamic, without first stopping immigration and starting to send people home.

And, of all the politicians on the Left, Jan Bøhler is actually the one who is most critical of immigration (one of the least politically correct), which makes it even more depressing, since what he says is so narrow-minded and pointless.

He thinks it can all be solved by spreading the Muslims around in Norway, but he doesn’t realize that there are too many of them and that segregation is already too widespread. They can’t get the birthrate down and they don’t send people home and they don’t stop the immigration.

To stop Norwegians from becoming a minority in Oslo schools, they must stop the immigration at once, send back everyone who can be sent home, and try to make others want to move home. That is what is necessary, whether people like it or not. Without doing that, we can’t stop it.

It’s high time that politicians realize this and grow a spine. But I don’t think they will. None of the politicians will do what’s required. The right wing want to institute a stricter immigration policy, which would obviously be better, but that will just slow the situation, not stop it. Even if they stop immigration entirely, the Muslims will still become more numerous than Norwegians because of their birth rate, which shows no sign of decreasing.

One of the ministers from AP (who is responsible for immigration) says that he wants the EU to control Norwegian immigration policy.

And he proclaims that will decrease the amount of immigration and make it easier.

The elites in AP want us to join the EU. They have their own agenda, even though a large majority of AP voters do not want to be in the EU.

AP do everything they can to sneak EU laws and so on into Norway, and we think they will succeed in sneaking in so much that people will eventually think that we might as well just join the EU, since we will by then have most of the EU’s laws and rules.

Finally, however, since the EU’s immigration policy is becoming more and more transnational and controlling, plans such as those the minister advocates will make it nearly impossible for us to stop the immigration completely. Denmark already got in a lot of trouble with the EU some years ago when they instituted their strict immigration policy.

I think that the right wing will almost certainly win the election next time (in three years), but it remains to be seen if that will help anything at all. In the long run, I doubt it. I think what is happening in Europe can’t be stopped by politicians, because no politicians are brave and politically incorrect enough to do what must be done, which is to get 80% of the Muslim immigrants out of here.

So I believe the situation will just keep getting worse and worse, until it eventually becomes civil war or at least very violent. Even though we are a people who have legendary great patience, and are extremely naïve and passive here in Scandinavia (especially Norway and Sweden), our patience will run out eventually, and by then we will have a lot of frustration built up.

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  1. Kry vir hulle…

    My German colleague says Germany is going the same way with the influx of Turks (I think) over there.

  2. The Norwegian Right got most votes in the recent elections, see here :

    The so-called “centre” sold out the country for another term and Norway heads further down the plughole.

    Great post.

  3. Very depressing to read these types of articles. I cringe…

  4. @Mad Kiwi – Germany has a Turk problem – no doubt about that. Angela Merckel seems to be bowing down to Turkey – seems like it's EU policy to have open borders to a certain extent. Hence why it seems Norway is trying their best to meet EU targets without actually being part of the EU. I really wish that the country would revolt as most citizens don't seem to want EU membership. Once again government walking all over the people.

    @Viking – GREAT news!! Let's hope the right does something to stop the muslim rot.

  5. John Knoefler

    Oh let me guess what is causing this. Not just immigration policy. hmmm… Let me guess…. Norway has a liberal social program that provides food and housing to new immigrants who screw away the hours making babies and staying healthy on the Nationalized Health Care program while at the same time making it very difficult for Norweigians to do anything but work hard and pay thier high taxes with no time or money to have a large family since in order to survive the wife must also work? Does that sound about right?

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