South African White Separatist, Eugene Terreblanche, hacked to death

Eugene Terreblanche campaigned for a self-governing Boer state and viewed the end of apartheid as a surrender to communism. He had recently been calling for a “free Afrikaner republic” and had vowed to take his campaign to the United Nations’ International Court of Justice in The Hague in a bid to secure this. In September 2009 he addressed a 3-day convention attended by 300 Afrikaners which was intended to develop a strategy for “Boer liberation”. He was murdered in his sleep on his farm Villana just outside of Ventersdorp on April 3, 2010. He was reportedly hacked to death with pangas (machetes) by two black men, one of them a minor, allegedly over “a wage dispute”.

Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed. My condolences to his family and may he RIP.

Ventersdorp – President Jacob Zuma on Sunday called for politicians not to inflame race tensions after the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche.

The 69-year-old Terre’Blanche was hacked to death on his farm outside Ventersdorp.

“It is our responsibility to denounce the crime and stay away from statements that might reverse nation building and racial cohesion,” Zuma said on public television.

Zuma’s appeal for calm comes after the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging vowed to avenge their leader’s brutal killing on Saturday night.

“Leaders and organisations must not to use Mr Terre’Blanche’s death to score political points. Instead, they must work harder to unite our people,” the president said.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) said nothing could justify the killing of Terre’Blanche.

“We make a call to all South Africans to refrain from making speculative pronouncements, as the perpetrators have handed themselves to the law enforcement authorities,” the ANC added in a statement.

The secretary-general of the Afrikaner AWB, Andre Visagie, told AFP that the group would meet on May 1 to plan the way forward but urged its members to remain calm and not to take immediate action.

‘Shoot the boer’
We will decide upon our actions to avenge Mr Terre’Blanche’s death. We will take action and the specific action … will be decided upon at our conference on the first of May,” said Visagie.

The murder came amid heightened race tensions over a song with the refrain “shoot the boers”, which has been adopted by fiery ANCYL leader Julius Malema.

The ANC argues that the song is part of the legacy of South Africa’s liberation struggle, but the president faces pressure to condemn use of the song – which is being blamed for motivating the murder.

Two men – one a teenager – who were workers on the farm have been arrested for Terre’Blanche’s murder.

They claimed that a fight had ensued after Terre’Blanche refused to pay them their monthly wages of R300.

“Let us not fan the flames, let us not romanticise violence, let us allow the police to do their work. There are emotions involved here, inflammatory statements will not help the case,” said Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, who visited Terre’Blanche’s family and the murder scene on Sunday.

Police barred access to the right-wing leader’s farm on Sunday morning as journalists began to descend on the small town and supporters arrived to mourn his death.

Pushed ‘too far’
According to the Sunday Times newspaper, the two workers notified the police after the incident and waited for them to arrive.

“They also alleged that Terre’Blanche was a bad employer who used to physically and verbally abuse them. They claim that he pushed them too far,” a police source told the newspaper.

His bloodied body was found in his bed with facial and head injuries, a panga still embedded in his flesh and a knobkierie nearby.

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  1. A man that paid for his sins , reconciled with his enemies and was committed to fighting for justice for his people. To a man that looked after his tribe just like any man with strong morals would. A tribe that has already once in its existence survived genocide and concentration camps. AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, was violently murdered on Saturday on his farm.
    Yes, he made mistakes and committed acts of violence, but so did Mandela!!
    The whites voted to give the “New South Africa” a chance.
    The “New South Africa” is flushing this opportunity down the toilet.
    The White on Black Apartheid is gone but in its place something much more evil is growing, its called Afrikaner Genocide and this time its Black on White!!
    The Boer fought for a homeland as hard as any black tribe. They fought for every step in history that they have taken and that cannot be ignored. The Zulu and the Boer both fought the might of the British Empire for their homeland, a fact that not even Jacob Zuma has ignored. Zuma openly stated that “The Afrikaner is the only white African Tribe.” The Boer knows too well the pain and struggle for freedom as does the “New South Africa”
    The history of the Boer is being systematically erased, whilst songs glorifying the continuing Genocide of the Afrikaner are openly supported by our politicians. This is all happening in full view of the world and the United Nations.
    Is this the “New South Africa?”
    Malema singing songs of hatred, spreading death and suffering and openly supported by the ANC, AZAPO, Cosatu and others. These “Representatives” of the “New South Africa” then cry foul and accuse the courts of “erasing history” when banning a song deemed incisive of hate.
    Clearly, if you are a Boer, then this song has no place being used in a country of reconciliation….Historic this song may be, but is it appropriate in today's South Africa? Hell No!!
    You would have to be deaf,dumb and blind not to recognize that fact!!
    South Africa has a new generation of racists that are forcibly and violently enforcing Afrikaner Genocide.
    To you, the new generation of black on white racists, you have learnt nothing from the collapse of Apartheid. You will be responsible for another generation with violence in their hearts, seeking revenge unless you stop this now.
    To you, the United Nations and those country's standing by and allowing this Genocide to continue….without so much as raising your voice…is this your democracy you want for the world? Is this “New South Africa” your example to those country's still resisting your vision of a democratic world?
    I think not……so please do something about it before its too late!!
    To do nothing, you are as guilty as they are!!
    No Race will ever submit to Genocide.
    The worlds lack of action on this matter will have future long term consequences!!
    United Nations subject to War Crimes? Why Not?
    The day of reckoning for the forces of evil is coming and I am at peace in the knowledge that if does not come in this world it will be in the next. Supporters of Genocide, you can go to hell!!

  2. This is just part of the New World Order's plan.
    White South Africans will be sacrificed, because the general public are just seen as cattle through the eyes of the Illuminati. This will be the beginning of the last Big War including the rest of this world.
    God have mercy on our souls!!!!!

  3. @ Anon – Amen! Terre'blanche has at least united the whites in SA into some kind of group. There may yet be hope…

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