Germany – Multikulti has failed

One of the most significant things about this story is that the speaker is a Social Democrat.

Heinz Buschkowsky — the first SPD member to say, “Multikulti has failed” — talks about the bursting of the red-green dream.

“The question is whether Neukölln [Berlin] in the future will lie only geographically in the middle of Europe, or also in the hearts and minds of people,” says Heinz Buschkowsky, district mayor of Neukölln, in a talk with the Kurier. Germany’s most experienced immigration politician is referring to those people “who come from rural areas of Pakistan, southeast Anatolia, or Somalia, i.e., from another stage of civilization, where women are genitally mutilated, adultery is punished by public stoning, and children are raised collectively.” Suddenly, these people find themselves in a value system that requires completely different competences, formulates different duties, and makes new demands.”

For instance, that children come to school on time and have certain basic skills: “On the first day of school, some have never seen colored paper or clay, some cannot hold scissors or eat with a knife and fork. The language is often just street German — ‘I go school’ — or not spoken at all. We should not stand by while children from this uneducated milieu become clones of their parents.”

162 nationalities live in Neukölln. He is especially concerned about those who live in closed cultural circles, completely self-contained islands, parallel societies. Their infrastructure offers problem-free everyday life in their native language — an “inner integration” including their own judges and enforcers.

Some Arabic and Kurdish extended families are like “circled wagon trains.” “Frequently, organized crime is active where enforcement of national norms can be dangerous. Respect for civic order is not strongly developed there,” the district chief euphemistically describes what appears daily in the newspapers.

Buschkowsky is well acquainted with other countries who have many immigrants. He quotes the Dutch author, Leon de Winter. “A welfare state of the European type can never be a good integrator. People may see the USA as cold and inhuman, but their integration policy is more successful. They force people to participate, to rely on their skills and take responsibility for their lives. So long as there is an enormous wealth gap in the world, the poverty-stricken will migrate.”

Buschkowsky also knows why Germany is most attractive. “Naturally, the most comfortable welfare system exerts the most attraction. The anonymity of our dense population centers offers protection. Neukölln is bigger than Graz or an individual city in the Ruhr. It is easy to disappear into the crowd.”

16 million immigrants make Germany the second biggest immigration destination after the USA. “However,” Buschkowsky says, “in my opinion 25-30% have never actually ‘arrived’ in Central Europe.”

Germany gives out the most money of countries in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) for family support, but is in third-to-last place in sustainability. Buschkowsky’s conclusion: “The only thing that succeeds is focusing on the children.” Every fourth student leaves school incapable of entering an apprenticeship or further education.

North Neukölln As a Nationwide Warning Signal
The southeast district of Berlin has more than 310,000 residents. Approximately 45% of them are legal and illegal immigrants. 30% of the residents receive social transfers [cash or in-kind aid to bridge extreme situations]. Foreigners are concentrated in the north of the district, where they comprise over half of the population, and 85-100% in the schools. 80% of those under 18 in the north are immigrants, and many are unemployed. In the already weak economy of Berlin, this district is one of the laggards. Not in criminality, however: 10 Arabic extended clans of ca. 500 people each live almost entirely from crime and welfare. The government seems helpless.

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  1. Had Hitler not been so fanatically exreme – had he been more moderate – I think that the Third World immigrant issue in Europe/America wouldn't be an issue today.

  2. Yup – the problem is that all the third world riff-raff and the sand kaffirs (arabs) have used this very argument to guilt white nations to let them in! I just don't understand why Europe and the UK are willingly wiping themselves out? Any ideas? It can't be all about hating your own race…

  3. Actually Hitler was strongly opposed to racism, and despised the racial segregation policies of America, the British colonies and the West in general. Look up the Platterhof speech.

    Ethnocentrism was considered a Jewish concept, since Jews considered themselves 'God's chosen people' and everyone else as Goyim. National Socialism, which rejects all Jewish modes of thinking, necessarily rejects the moral validity of ethnocentrism. In fact, National Socialism's main gripe with Jews came from seeing Jewish discrimination against non-Jews. Hitler also considered the Islamic world his allies, since Islam likewise rejects ethnocentrism and defends Muslims against Jewish racism.

    The truth is that Hitler was a Christian left-leaner at heart and proponent of the Volkisch Reich (which can be of many races), who would balk at modern ethnonationalist groups if he were alive today. Later National Socialists such as David Myatt have also come to the same conclusions.

    To answer your question, Europe and the UK are not “willingly wiping themselves out”. The Zionist elites are trying to start another war against Iran for the benefit of Israel, so they created this myth of 'Islamisation' to con the West into believing that Muslims are the bad guys. In order for this myth to be effective, people need to see a lot of Muslims on the city streets. That is all.

    The popular scare terms 'Eurabia' and 'dhimmitude' were invented by a Zionist Jew (Bat Ye'or). Go figure.

  4. @Anon – I think there are a lot of Jews who aren't religious who use loopholes to further their liberal agenda. I think you'll find that the more religious Jews are not so stupid. It's important to distinguish between the 2 groups. Hitler was a far right progressive – they are usually the most racist group who think they know what is best for the ordinary people. He aligned with the Muslims during WWII – he even named Iran. Any person who would willingly align with Muslims is a no-no in my book.

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