Is South Africa finally on the brink of an all-out race war?

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Our esteemed President, Jacob Zuma, dancing at one of his numerous wedding ceremonies

As we reel in shock at the barbaric murder of Eugene Terreblanche, and the ominous implications thereof, this is the burning question on everyone’s lips.

Fact is, we’ve been engaged in a low-level race war for a long time already. A black-on-White race war cleverly disguised as “crime” and even by some, as a “class war”. As long as ANC hit squads murdered no more than ten farmers, and roughly fifteen urban Whites per month, the terrorist regime and its lapdog media could sell it as mere criminality.

Roughly 120 murdered farmers per year, about 3 000 dead Whites killed in hijackings, violent house invasions and business robberies in that same period goes a long way to reducing our numbers. Add to that the fact that for each one White murdered, at least ten (together with their families) emigrate, plus unnaturally high deaths due to traffic accidents, the racial attrition rate of Whites in SA is horrendous.

Alas, keeping a lid on such a campaign of genocide isn’t easy, especially when your cadres lack discipline and accountability. Secondly, in spite of denialism and clever propaganda tricks, the target group will sooner or later cotton on to what is going on. Once their attrition rate dips below a certain point, masking your true intent becomes superfluous. For your victims, it will be too late to offer any meaningful resistance.

Since April 1994 when the Marxist terrorist ANC fraudulently seized power, Whites were subjected to a relentless war on all levels – in addition to our menfolk being endlessly & cold-bloodedly executed, our old folk savagely tortured, our women raped and our children brainwashed & hooked on drugs, we had our proud heritage trampled upon, our towns & cities renamed, our monuments destroyed, and our glorious history excoriated as the blood-stained shame of oppressive thieves, criminals and robber barons. We were systematically disarmed and our civil & rural defences (commandos) disbanded.

Today we stand almost defenceless before the baying, sneering hordes of black savages, who are getting ready to move in for the kill. Our darkest hour is approaching fast…

Incitement to Genocide

The South African constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but the clause qualifies it to specifically exclude “hate speech”. Here’s what it says:

Section 16 of the South African Constitution: Freedom of expression provides that

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes –
(a) freedom of the press and other media;
(b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas;
(c) freedom of artistic creativity; and
(d) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.

(2) The right in subsection (1) does not extend to –
(a) propaganda for war;
(b) incitement of imminent violence; or
(c) advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

Both the above elements – the advocacy of hatred and the incitement to cause harm – must be present before an expression will amount to advocacy of hatred or hate speech.

The constitutional test whether speech is to be judged as hate speech, can therefore be considered to be a stringent one.

Jacob Zuma became SA’s third president while enthusiastically singing “Bring me my machine gun”. At the time, many people wondered why after fifteen years of so-called “liberation” he needed a machine gun, and who he wanted to shoot with it. They didn’t need to wonder too long, as Julias Malema began singing “Kill the Boer”. For those unfamiliar with this “liberation song”, here are the exact words:

Ayesab’ amagwala (The cowards are scared)

Dubula! dubula! dubula nge s’bhamu (Shoot, shoot shoot them with a gun)

Dubul’ ibhunu (Shoot the White man / Boer)

Dubula! dubula! dubula nge s’bhamu (Shoot, shoot shoot them with a gun)

Mama, ndiyeke ndidubul’ ibhunu (Mommy, allow me to shoot the white man/Boer)

Dubula! dubula! dubula nge s’bhamu (Shoot, shoot shoot them with a gun)

Ziyareypa lezinja (These dogs rape)

Dubula! dubula! dubula nge s’bhamu (Shoot, shoot shoot them with a gun)

In 1993, another savage ANC Youth League hero, Peter Mokaba started chanting “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”. At the time, the media fell over their feet to white-wash this anti-White racist hate speech as harmless “rhetoric”. 18 Years and 3 266 dead White farmers later, they remain adamant that there could be no possible link between incitement to murder and genocide, and our shocking farm murder figures.

Prior to the Rwanda genocide in April 1994, Hutu newspapers, radio & TV stations exhorted their audiences to “kill the cockroaches”. Not long after, almost a million Tutsis were shot, stabbed and hacked to death. This is now universally accepted by international criminal courts and human rights activists as “incitement to genocide”. Yet incredibly in South Africa, singing “Kill the Boer” is derogated as “acceptable ANC struggle history”.

It is worth pointing out that the term “boer” in this song’s context is used in a derogatory manner, on par with the word “kaffir”. It certainly does not refer to someone who is a “farmer” but is a metaphor applicable to an Afrikaner, as well as any White person.

When president Zuma first started singing “Umshini wami”, it caused quite a stir, and with good reason – violent rhetoric has no place in a civilised society. The fact that “Bring me my machine gun” is sung along with “Shoot the Boers” – by the president of the ANC and the country, as well as the president of the ANC Youth League, does not augur well for any country’s stability.

Setting the Stage

The first two communist presidents of South Africa (Mandela & Mbeki) are on record for their overt anti-White racism, however they restrained themselves in publicly inciting direct violence against a particular racial group. Not because they were genteel nation building souls – quite afar from it. As per the ANC & SACP policy of three stages of the NDR (National Democratic Revolution) the first stage required the takeover of power, whilst maintaining a benign guise of “nation building” – so as to not “scare the horses”. Mandela NEVER repudiated nationalisation, he merely acquiesced to it being deferred.

Having seized power, the terrorist regime needed to divert attention from their blood-stained atrocities. The TRC (Truth & Reconciliation Commission) was formed along the lines of a Nuremburg style witch hunt, and enjoyed huge success in defaming Whites as murderous racist ogres who revelled in the “suffering & privations” of their fellow black countrymen. Endless radio & TV broadcasts showed untested allegations being recorded as historical fact, all while whipping up anti-White hysteria to new levels. This was phase one of a psychological race war. Concurrent to the relentless racist propaganda, Mandela also initiated the low level ethnic war, insidiously disguised as “crime”. Releasing as many as ten thousand hardened criminals at a time, through his numerous ‘amnesties’ he ensured that anti-White terrorism on our cities and farms became a South African way of life.

The second phase was the consolidation of black political power and institutionalised disenfranchisement of Whites through BEE & Affirmative Action, successfully implemented by Tarboy Mbeggi through the obsequious participation of large corporations. Banks and parastatals fell over one another in clinching share issues & deals which pointedly excluded Whites from any participation. Critical to this phase was the disarmament of Whites, as well as the abolishment of any civil defence structures such as rural commando units. This stage also saw the second phase of psychological warfare – renaming of White towns, cities, roads and the rewriting of history, all designed to demoralise and dishearten already besieged & terrorised White South Africans.

Both these stages lay the groundwork for the ominous third and final stage – the establishment of a hardcore communist state through the nationalisation of land, mines, banks, insurance companies and other private assets. In African terms, “nationalisation” does not mean some parliamentary decree is passed down and former owners then quietly depart in a disgruntled state of mind. Nationalisation as bandied about by Kiddie Amin (Julius Malema) and his thieving, fornicating showerhead boss (Jacob Zuma) means violent plunder, accompanied by a bloody horror show of mindless savagery, rape, torture and murder, as only the sub-Saharan Africoon is capable of.

Evidently, Zuma and his crown prince Malema believes White numbers (plus any possible armed resistance) have been sufficiently diminished to proceed with stage 3 of the NDR. The need to be discreet, as required with earlier stages no longer applies. Therefore, populist singing of “bring me my machine gun so that I can shoot the boers” serves two purposes: 1) rabble-rousing the savage masses into a frenzy, and 2) provoking Whites into taking retaliatory positions. Both sides are whipped up into hitherto unknown levels of racial animus. As can be seen from the Rwandan genocide, as well as numerous civil & ethic wars (most notably the Serbian / Bosnian conflicts of the early ‘90’s) full-scare war follows a pattern, an escalation of hostilities from which there is no escape. This kind of conflagration once ignited, is almost impossible to stop, and like a wildfire it needs to burn itself out in a sickening logical & inescapable course of events.

Having spent a great deal of time recently studying ethnic civil wars, I came to the conclusion that South Africa was teetering on the abyss. All that was required for the tinderbox to erupt, was an accelerant, or catalyst. It might just be that the murder of Eugene Terreblanche is that catalyst, or at the very least, the first event leading to a chain of events that finally pushes the country over the edge.

-Posted by Uhuru Guru

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  1. Just now in!

    “Fifteen armed men overpowered a 54-year-old man, his 64-year-old wife and granddaughter at about 03:00 while they were sleeping on a smallholding at Dalmade outside Polokwane.”

    Is this normal! This is FULL OUT WAR! Wake up people!

  2. The article assumes that most Afrikaaner men care enought to fight. They are too busy stuffing their face with braii or talking about how to be Christlike. If 15 Afrikaaner men got together, they would first spend days arguing about who should be the leader, and then eventually split into two groups due to religious differences.

  3. john knoefler

    My heart is aching. My best friend from SA was Hunter Mcbride. I wonder where he is now. He said he was going back to be “missionary”. Fat lot of good that will do.

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