Killing THE Boer: ET’s brutal & savage murder

Not a pretty read. To the non-South African readers, please note how the whites are killed and hacked to pieces by the blacks. Still want to live with them? Please feel free to take some back with you…

Eugene Terreblanche’s murder is rich with symbolism – a veritable conspiracy theorists’ wet dream. Firstly, not just ANY Boer, but the Boer of Boers – ET! The implications are almost on a similar scale had some White assassin taken out Mandela. Politically, it was on par with the killing of Stalinist murderer Chris Hani. But the comparisons don’t end there. Consider the fact that ET was murdered on an Easter weekend, just like Chris Hani was assassinated on Easter Saturday 10 April 1993…ET died on 4 April 2010. For Christians, Easter itself symbolises the violent death of Jesus Christ. As an added irony, two days later on 6 April we celebrated Van Riebeeck day – marking 358 years since the Dutch first set foot on a Cape beach.

I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that ET’s murder was a carefully planned hit, orchestrated from the highest levels of the ANC’s Luthuli house, and executed in the uniquely disgusting, savage manner only a kaffir is capable of. The facts surrounding his murder form a quagmire of muddled contradictions and mysteries.

Media lies and obfuscation
According to the press, ET was murdered by two farm workers over a pay dispute. The two shitskins entered his house and attacked him while he defencelessly lay sleeping. Some reports state that he was hacked with a machete, while also bludgeoned by a knobkierie. Others say it was a machete and a heavy water pipe. Some reports list the ages of the two perpetrators as being 15 and 21 respectively, while others have it as 15 and 28. Official reports state that after killing ET, they then went to the adjacent farm where they called the police and gave themselves up. Yes folks, you read right – a couple of farm murderers who voluntarily “gave themselves up” after literally hacking the leader of the AWB to pieces…

However, Beeld reports that after the Ventersdorp police received a call stating there was “trouble” at ET’s farm, the two murderers were apprehended while walking on a dirt road on the adjacent farm. One was caught with ET’s cellphone in his pocket. There is a huge difference between “gave themselves up” and “apprehended”.

If the official version is to be believed (that they went to the adjacent farm and gave themselves up) then surely they would have “given themselves up to whomever owned the adjacent farm, in all likelihood a white farmer. This farmer would be world famous now, as media would have interviewed him endlessly! Yet, nobody fitting this description exists. So this begs the question – who phoned the police, from where, and how did they know what transpired on ET’s farm?

ET’s family says the two murderers had only been employed by ET for roughly three weeks, yet the mother of the alleged 15 year old stated in an interview with an international TV crew that her son had worked for ET since December, and furthermore that he was owed money by ET for three months. Which is the truth?

Who in the world orchestrated ET’s murder?
In recent days I’ve picked up a huge amount of chatter, conjecture and stories from various web sources – some trusted, some unknown. From this I’ve cobbled together a possible scenario as to what really happened. Please note I cannot vouch for this being the gospel truth, or the veracity of some of the ‘facts’ imparted to me, so “caveat lector” strongly applies. I would strongly like to read your comments and insights into the possible theories laid out below. So here goes…

Two “rumours’ really disturb me. Rumour one is (apparently sourced from a White policeman with sources inside the Ventersdorp cops) that a red car with Gauteng plates was seen driving out of ET’s farm gates, at around the time of the murder. The same source states that there were five or six black occupants in the car.

So given that, I suspect the following: ET was attacked by more than just two assailants. He was killed in a politically motivated murder orchestrated by highly placed ANC apparatchiks. A hit squad from Johannesburg was sent to Ventersdorp to execute him. They roped in the two “farm workers” who participated in the murder. After they killed him, the murderers left, abandoning the two farm workers to their own devices. Then they called the cops at Ventersdorp, alerting them to what happened and also where the two “murderers” could be found.

The two farm workers were intended to be the “patsies” or fall guys. Conveniently, one of them is (supposedly) a minor. Even more conveniently, as from 1 April 2010, new South African legislation surrounding the prosecution of “minors” came into being. One of the new clauses is that an offender who is under sixteen cannot be tried as an adult, come what may. Under the previous law, and depending on the severity of the case, minors under 16 could have been prosecuted as adults. The second is that all such cases must be heard in camera. Thus, all of the facts surrounding ET’s bloody murder can and will be shrouded in secrecy – no media, members of the public allowed in the gallery…is it just me, or are we dealing with a huge number of convenient coincidences here? Furthermore, who will benefit from such secrecy, and why?

This brings me to the second disturbing rumour. Word is that ET wasn’t just hacked to pieces, but his corpse was also mutilated, and body parts cut off. These body parts are missing – implying that the murderers took them along, possibly as trophies. A charge of ‘crimen injuria’ was added to the rap sheet, apparently because ET’s dignity was violated due to the murderers pulling down his pants and exposing his genitals. In other farm murder cases, victims clothing is usually only disturbed when it’s a female, raped before or occasionally, even after death.

Some people suspect his pants was pulled down so as to facilitate his murderers slicing off his private parts. Some of you may have seen pictures of the blood-soaked bed he was killed on – it must have taken a massive amount of blood to seep through the bedsheets and mattress, to leak onto the wooden frame of the bed. He was so violently hacked and bludgeoned that some of his teeth lay scattered about the bedroom. ET’s brother stated that his face was “fyngekap” (chopped fine) and that he was completely unrecognisable. For added effect, the panga (machete) used on him wasn’t just tossed carelessly onto his body – it was left embedded in his chest.

Considering who and what Eugene Terreblanche was, it becomes a plausible suspicion that he befell the same fate as Napoleon Bonaparte, who after his ignominious imprisonment and inglorious death on St Helena, suffered the extreme indignity of having his penis sliced off and retained by whatever sick & twisted mind wanted to keep such trophies.

But the media will have you believe ET was killed over a R 300 pay dispute, and that’s that…nothing more to see folks, now move right along then!

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