Virginia governor breaks down and grovels after media assault.

This one is for Joe.

The media let loose a nationwide volley of hatred against white people this week. Particularly hatred against white southerners. When Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell proclaimed April as Confederate History month, the media went rabid.

McDonnell is now ritualistically grovelling before a host of black leaders. Of course this grovelling never helps. As always, the grovelling only brings about more and harsher attacks from the media. The media smells blood when the grovelling begins and gets even more vicious.

Compare this to how the media condescends every outlandish claim or statement by the black race hustlers. It’s ok for Obama to attend a church where the pastor preaches that white people invented AIDS to kill blacks. It’s ok for Al Sharpton to jointly hold rallies in Harlem with a guy who publicly states he wants to mass murder all white people. Nothing is too radical, too hateful, or too extreme for black people.

However, white people aren’t even supposed to be allowed to remember their own history.


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  1. NICE!! Haven't heard 'Bonnie Blue Flag' in “donkeys' years,” as they say in England. Did you recognize white-haired guy offering thankss for the shows as being none other than Ted Turner? He's a fellow-Georgian (from Savannah). And thanks for the article dedication! Don't I feel special!!!

  2. Thanks for pointing out Ted Turner. He's an enigma – he founded CNN; married the libtard Jane Fond; ownes more USA land than anyone else; fights for the South…and supports Obama's marxist health care plan. How does that work??

  3. Got me,dude! I suppose when you've got as much money as he has, you can do what you want, when you want, if you want. I actually met him in a receiving line in NYC way back when.

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