ET wanted to sodomise me, says accused

This just gets better and better. These murderers are now claiming that Eugene Terre’blanche wanted to sodomise them – that’s why they hacked him to death. Let’s not forget that Eugene had heart surgery a week prior to his death. These idiots think that they are going to get away with this disgusting murder by now changing their story from unpaid wages to sodomy? Wonder what  next weeks excuse is going to be? A three-some with the pigs and cattle on his farm? BTW – the lawyer is a black. We can definitely trust him to tell the truth. And why would he release these astounding, potential case-winning “details” now?

A laywer acting for one of the farm workers accused of killing Eugene Terre Blanche claims the AWB leader tried to sodomise him.

“My instructions from my client are that there was some sodomy going on and it sparked the murder of Mr Terre Blanche. This is going to form part of our defence during trial,” said Puna Moroko, attorney for 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu.

Mahlangu’s co-accused is a 15-year-old boy who cannot be named.

Terre Blanche’s hacked and bludgeoned body – with his pants down to his knees – was found on a bed in his Ventersdorp farm last Saturday.

The two farm workers handed themselves over to police that evening.

Moroko said his client’s defence would be that the attack on Terre Blanche was triggered by sodomy. Earlier reports suggested a wage dispute may have lead to the gruesome killing.

Moroko also claimed that Terre Blanche first tried to get the accused drunk before he allegedly tried to have sex with “one or both of them”.

“It is in the court record that Mr Terre Blanche bought my client 18 Savannas (cider) and the other accused, who is still a minor, 13 Savannas before driving them to his farm. Mr Terre Blanche bought himself a bottle of Smirnoff (vodka) at the same liquor store.”

He said the state’s version is that the two had gone to Terre Blanche’s home in Röth Street to “borrow money”.

Terre Blanche was not at his home, but his wife Martie allegedly called him and he told her that he had informed the workers that he would pay them after the long weekend.

Moroko said Terre Blanche drove to his house where he picked up the two accused and the three of them went to the bottle store and later to the farm about 10km away.

Attorney Zola Majavu, who is acting for the teenager, said: “I have consulted with my client and I am satisfied that something shocking happened on that day. I will disclose fully what my client told me happened during trial.”

Majavu would not comment on the sexual allegations, but said his client “has undergone all the necessary tests that I need to prove his case.

“I have also appointed a team of private investigators to assist me in gathering more information that I believe might be relevant to my client’s defence.”

On Friday, police spokesman Captain Adele Myburgh said: “The court will decide why Mr Terre Blanche was killed as well as why his trousers were below his knees. The court will also establish what exactly happened before he was killed.”

Yesterday she said: “An autopsy was done. It will reveal if the deceased was sexually assaulted.

When asked about earlier reports of a used condom being found at the scene, Myburgh said: “I can say with 100% certainty that no condom, used or otherwise, was found.”

The teenager and Mahlangu were arrested last Saturday night after they called police about the murder.

The two accused – who in addition to murder, face charges of housebreaking, robbery, and crimen injuria as a result of leaving their victim half-naked after the attack – have yet to plead.

They are scheduled to appear in the Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for a formal bail application. The matter will be heard in camera to protect the teenager.

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