Obama bows to Chinese Leader at Nuke Summit

This is getting hilarious. I’m going to start keeping a tally!


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  1. Uncle Sam Needs to Slap him Upside his Head and tell Him too stand up Straight, And Act like the Damn President of these United States.

    Absolute Disgrace to this Country.

  2. I don't see the Chinese leader bowing to Obama, in return. So his gesture is totally inappropriate. It is not mere Oriental protocol. He is running around the world acting subservient to virtually every non-white leader he meets.

  3. He should just save himself the back strain and just start walking in on his knees.

  4. Clearly there is something going on with this man. He KNOWS the American people do not approve of this conduct yet once again he bows to another. This is a clear sign of weakness in other cultures, a surrender IMO! The left will deny this as a bow but we all know better, the bigger question is, what is it he is up to?

    Bowing to your masters comes to mind, the Chinese, its disgraceful and shameful when will someone speak up. Of course the republicants are silent just as they have over the disarmament last week.

    Spineless all of them JUST LIKE THIS President.

  5. I can't get over this. What does he think he is playing at? There is NO protocol that requires this, he is the world's most powerful man and should bow to NOBODY. What a disgrace.

  6. This guy is humiliating the USA. Note that the Chinese President doesn't return the favor!

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