We’re Going To Do Immigration Reform Like We Did Health Care Reform

Nothing more to say here….welcome to the United States of Hispanics.

Thousands of people rallied in downtown Las Vegas Saturday afternoon to demand immediate reform of federal immigration laws.

The crowd was likely smaller than the 10,000 people organizers said were in attendance but was large enough to spill over the steps of the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse and surround the stage set up in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Much of the three-hour event was a build-up to a speech by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“We are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Reid told the crowd. “We need to do this this year. We can’t let excuses like a Supreme Court nomination get in the way.”

Reid promised the legislation would include provisions to secure both the north and south borders, revisions to a guest worker program, and provisions to deal with illegal immigrants already in the country.

“There are no excuses. This is something America needs,” Reid said. “We’re going to do immigration reform just like we did health care reform.”

Some people in attendance expressed frustration that reform has not happened more quickly, despite promising remarks from President Barack Obama during the presidential campaign.

“Our vote must be respected in Washington, D.C.,” Gutierrez said, noting that Hispanics helped elect Obama.

“There are more people going to be deported and divided this year than in the last year of George Bush,” Gutierrez said. “That’s not why I went out to vote. I want to bring about comprehensive immigration reform, and it is time for the House and Senate to act and act immediately.”

The chairman of Reform for America, the organizer of the rally, said he, too, wanted action from Congress and the president.

“Immigrants are workers, taxpayers and citizens, and we want immigration reform and we want it now. We call upon our president to keep his promise,” he said.

In addition to the politicians, organized labor played a major part of the rally, with more than a half-dozen labor leaders speaking.

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  1. “Immigrants are workers, taxpayers and citizens…”

    In that case, what is the need of reform? This is really obfuscation of the real goal, as we all know, legalizing tens of millions of lawbreakers. I am against such “reform” and I would rather see the whole lot of illegals deported immediately.

  2. Well said TD. I stand behind the Americans on this 100%.

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