Zuma’s Malema call too late: AWB

“Boere, stop killing farmworkers. Stop raping our black women” – you gotta love their sense of humor…

Ventersdorp – President Jacob Zuma’s calling to order of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema came too late, AWB secretary general André Visagie said on the sidelines of the court appearance of two people accused of murdering Eugene Terre’Blanche.

“It was too little, too late,” said Visagie, as the public waited to be allowed to hear the bail application of 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu.

The minor arrested with Mahlangu has abandoned his bail application, enabling partial coverage by the media.

‘Will accept what justice does’

Visagie said a delegation from the far right-wing movement would meet Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa in Pretoria on Monday to discuss the AWB leader’s murder.

The AWB links it to Malema’s singing “shoot the boer”, and after initially defending his action, the ANC has asked its members not to sing songs that could cause racial polarisation.

To a backdrop of protesters bearing placards that read: “Boere, stop killing farmworkers. Stop raping our black women”, held up by black youths outside the court, Visagie said they had no problem with the minor dropping his bail application.

“This does not mean anything to us… he is available to stand trial. The AWB won’t stand in anybody’s way,” he said.

“We will accept what the justice system does to these two accused … for us now it is a continuation of a murder of white people by black people and this has got to stop now.”

Not consulted in ‘rainbow nation’
They would also press on for their own private Afrikaner state as they had never been consulted about being part of the “rainbow nation”, believing they already had their own nation.

“We would love to have other nations as neighbours, but we are not part of the Venda nation, we will never be part of it and we will never integrate with them.”

He then complained about the state of the courtroom, saying it was deteriorating and needed new paint.

“How on earth do you expect the Afrikaner nation to accept such deterioration of the third world and be part of this third world country?”

“We will not accept this. We were never part of the apartheid government, but we feel that this country was built up until 1994. We were a first world country and the ANC in 16 years turned it into a third world country.”

Visagie catapulted to internet fame after his confrontation with a black political analyst on e.tv and then had a brush with a black reporter during a discussion on land ownership.

100 000 – 150 000 members
He had been speaking about how hard he had worked to get his farm and said he had not been given the title deed for free.

The reporter said black property owners also did not get title deeds for free.

“I warn you not to interrupt me when I speak. Are you going to give me an opportunity to speak or not? You accused me of stealing land, while I have the title deeds,” he said, before asking for other questions.

He claimed the AWB had between 100 000 and 150 000 members. Then he criticised the media.

“You guys are aggravating and antagonising my people… and you are creating racial tension that never existed before… don’t take isolated instances and make it an AWB standpoint.”

He said the AWB had asked its members to arm themselves because “in this country they have to defend themselves”.

He said the AWB did not represent all Afrikaners in South Africa.

When asked whether he would consider leaving South Africa, Visagie said: “I will not leave this country. If you want me to leave, kill me and export my corpse. We were born in South Africa and here I will stay. Nobody will make me move.”

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