Lawyer retracts ET sex claims

for the photo at the end of this post – but people need to see how SA whites are hacked by blacks

Dear Readers – welcome to South Africa. The savage, cowardly murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche is going to show up the SA blacks true character – lying, thieving, tribal barbarians. ET was barely cold in the ground when the defence lawyer started slandering him with cries of sodomy and homosexual trysts with his workers. The whole world was informed of these “true” facts. But wait – this upstanding lawyer has since retracted these allegations. He has now come up with the next lie – ET throttled and assaulted his labourers….gets better and better. We can now believe everything this pillar of truth peddles going forward. Watch this space for the next rediculous episode. Oh, and by the way, Mr Terre’blanche – that racist, horrid man – paid for his BLACK domestic worker’s funeral (R7000) one week before he was murdered. Yes, he sure was a heartless, white supremacist!

JOHANNESBURG (Sapa) – Slain rightwing leader Eugene Terre’Blanche throttled and assaulted his murder accused on several occasions, a lawyer said outside the Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Puna Moroko, lawyer for Chris Mahlangu, 28, told reporters his client first claimed he had been sodomised by Terre’Blanche but further questioning had revealed this could not be true (see Beeld report).

“He [Mahlangu] mentioned ‘sodomy’ to me [but] the consultation was very short… It didn’t satisfy me, it just did not make sense to me, that’s why I abandoned it,” said Moroko.

“I am not satisfied that there was sodomy and my client accepted my advice.”

He said that Mahlangu, who had been working for Terre’Blanche since last November, was throttled by the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader about two months ago.
“He [Mahlangu] said he [Terre’Blanche] throttled him… [Terre’Blanche] said I’d kill you because the cattle is missing,” said Moroko.
“The throttling was not an isolated incident,” he added, declining to elaborate or say if an assault occurred on the day of the murder, which was last Saturday.”

You realise 1994 didn’t bring any change for some people… this case is more important than the Zuma case,” he added, in an apparent reference to the now-withdrawn corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma.

Moroko said his client was doing “okay”.

“He’s not nervous or nothing and, no, we have not received any threatening or intimidating messages. My client has no cell phone behind bars and I have only received many messages of support for him,” said Moroko, declining to say who his supporters were.

He said he was contacted by “good Samaritans” on Easter Monday who asked him to represent Mahlangu and since then, the Black Lawyers Association has indicated it would also support him.

Moroko was confident not only that his client would be granted bail, but also that he would be found not guilty.

Although Mahlangu and his co-accused, a 15-year-old boy, phoned the police to say, “we killed Terre’Blanche”, that did not constitute a confession because a confession in law was made up of “different elements”, said Moroko.

Mahlangu, wearing a grey T-shirt and grey pants, sat wide-eyed throughout the court hearing on Wednesday morning, with family members of Terre’Blanche silently staring at him from the front row of the public gallery.

His bail application was postponed to May 10 because of confusion over where he would be able to stay if granted bail.

Here is a photo of a recent farm attack victim hacked with a panga the same weapon that killed Eugine Terre’Blanche. Have a good look.

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  1. This changing story and the lawyer's public admission that he effectively doesnt believe his clients story is astonishing to say the least.It is even admissable in court and the client can be questioned by the prosecutor as to why his lawyer didnt even believe his first story, what credibility would any later version of events have.
    What is even more astonishing is the support for the accused.If a white youth robbed and killed Mr. Zuma would he get any support from the white community? The answer is simply no, he would be seen as a criminal and white people would love to see him removed from society.
    This is a severe indictment against the moral character of the “many people ” that support the accused.
    I personally dont have any positive feelings towards the AWB leader but this tribal instinct to be happy and supportive of a common criminal that attacked him seems barbaric to say the least.

  2. @Anon – blacks are tribal – they follow blindly; whereas whites promote equality (to our detriment) – they question before following. This is the difference between the races. Anytime the black South African can give it to the Afrikaner they're there en force.

  3. I am a white South Africa Afrikaans male ,my father was a educated white liberal and so was I.I was fortunate enough to grow up in a small community with plenty of farms around and due to friends and family I visited many farms on weekends and holidays,and spent a lot of time on my uncle's farm.I never ever saw this sort of abuse of farm workers as described in the media.I have no doubt that it existed but it was not more prevelant than any other place on the planet.My uncle was a more wealthy farmer and provided brick houses to his workers and had a school built so that the black children would not have to travel far.He paid teachers to teach and even children from surrounding farms attended the school.I must have visited about 100 farms in my life and have never seen farmworkers abused etc. only the contrary.I had noting but respect for the farmers. Most of them inherited the farms and worked day and night to make them work.The Transvaal, Karoo and Free State farmers often farmed in dry areas and had to work very very hard to earn a living.These people were hardened, especially the older generation as they understood hard work and sweat but they were hard on anyone that worked for them even family members that just helped out,and they had good reason to be.But these lies that make them all out to be racist and cruel is rubbish in the highest degree.The world is quilty of every attacked on them for failing to condem it.I think that people like Eugene Terre'Blanche could see the future and knew what it took them and many generations before them to build up the farms and didnt just want to sit back and get robbed of their land by the communist ANC.They have NEVER been honoured for their contribution to Africa and for feeding us all for centuries despite suffering almost every hardship known to man.Shame on us all for letting them down.

  4. @Anon 21:30 – yes, I agree. I'm a South African and I know the white people. They are good people and farmrs I have also never witnessed blatant racism or abuse of farm workers ever. The farm labourers are usually well looked after – it's a symbiotic relationship – they all depend on each other for their livelihoods. So, when these idiots go around tarnishing this under-appreciated group of hard-working people then I get really upset. You are right – no one has said thank you to them – good point!

  5. STOP employing black nannies, maids, gardeners, and farm workers. Hire Afrikaaners. How many times do people have to tell Afrikaaners to stop employing blacks in their homes? Afrikaaners might be the dumbest people on the face of the earth. People around the world are trying to help Afrikaaners, but the Afrikaaners won't listen.

  6. Lets hand over everything to the Creator, who are we to judge other people? its only God who can. I am a black South African and i am color blind.God one day will deal with everyone according to what ever he or she has done in life. May the soul of Mr Terreblanche rest in peace.

  7. bunch of racist, as if the white man never committed any atrocities!! please do me a favor!

    whites are worse than any blacks, i remember how the apartheid cops used to treat blacks like bloody animals!! ive also personally seen Afrikaans farmers shooting their laborer’s in the past for nothing and then covered up by the local Afrikaans buddy cops!! how many blacks did the french kill in africa? over a million, google it, what about 1st 2nd world wars how many butchered 100 million, whites again, what about Iraq more than 100 000 butchered children blown to pieces blacks did this ?? what about Bosnia how many butchered there, blacks ?
    i am white and i tell you we are worse than any blacks as far as killing, we invented it yes all sordid methods of death and torture invented by whites

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