Cape Town on CNN List of Most Dangerous Cities in The World

I’m no fan of CNN. However, it’s extremely worrying that my ex home town, Cape Town, South Africa made the CNN list ahead of Johannesburg!

The Venezuelan capital Caracas has the highest homicide rate in the world. In Juarez, Mexico, 2,600 people were killed last year in shoot-outs between rival drug cartels. In war-torn Baghdad, Iraq, terrorist bombings continue to take many lives.

These are among the world’s 10 most dangerous cities according to a list released by CNN on Saturday. The list was compiled from consulting firm Mercer’s latest global report on personal safety and quality of life, Foreign Policy magazine’s most recent report on murder rates, and reports by Forbes magazine and an international security watchdog.

The other seven cities on the list are Detroit, U.S.; New Orleans, U.S.; Karachi, Pakistan; Cape Town, South Africa; Moscow, Russia; Beirut, Lebanon; and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Caracas is called the world’s “murder capital” with a rate of 130 homicides for every 100,000 people per year. Crime-plagued New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the U.S. with 64 per 100,000 people according to FBI estimates. Cape Town, which will host the World Cup in June, sees an average of eight murders per day, many involving smuggled guns.

Three of the 10 cities — Baghdad, Beirut and Karachi — are in the Middle East. There was no Asian city on the list.

Meanwhile, citing an annual report released by British consulting firm Knight Frank at the end of March, CNN reported on the same day that the title of the world’s most powerful city has shifted from London to New York.



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  1. Surprised Jhb didn't make the list! How does that work??? And Moscow? They have some of the best murder stats in the world.

  2. Either the person writing about Cape Town is uninformed, dishonest, or a complete moron. I have compared these stats with the stats for the ENTIRE WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE, not just Cape Town, as supplied by SAPS. You decide. SAPS = South African Police Service (

    These are the OFFICIAL STATS from the SAPS website.

    Let's compare. Note, I have used the HIGHEST number recorded from the SAPS stats since 2002:

    sexual offenses
    Website: 71,500
    WC: 10,498 in (2004/5)
    Country: 70,514 in (2008/9)

    Website: 18,400
    WC: 54,069 in (2003/4)
    Country: 299,290 in (2003/4)

    Business Robberies

    Website: 13,900
    WC: 11,784 in (2003/4)
    Country: 71,773 (2009/10)


    Website: 9900
    WC:2,881 (2006/7)
    Country: 19,824 (2003/4)

  3. @Anon 08:36 – the OFFICIAL stats of the SAPS means nothing. The government bragged a few weeks ago about the declining murder stats for the country. However, when the DA asked the MP for Safety and Security in Parliament for the number of murder dockets opened in the same period he replied that there were over 31 000! So, how does that work?? SAPS are fudging the numbers – for eg. how do they report a women raped by 3 men – as one rape or three? Get my drift?

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