Australia – Aborigine Infanticide

In 2008, the new Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, said Sorry to the Aborigines for the “Stolen Generation”. The “Stolen Generation” were Aborigines that were “forcefully” removed from their families to “anglicise” them. A very popular bloggist in Melbourne, Andrew Bolt, has consistently requested that the government and human rights groups name just 10 of these children that were forcefully removed due to this (and not due to child abuse). To date, no one has been able to supply one name. Here is just a glimpse of what the Aborigines were doing to their babies back in the day. Aboriginal children were subjected to worse than this….

Infanticide is the practice of someone intentionally causing the death of an infant.

Let’s look at the practise of Infanticide in Australia by the Aborigines:-

 According to Bronislaw Malinowski, who wrote a book on indigenous Australians in the early 1960s, “infanticide is practiced among all Australian natives.” The practice has been reported in Tasmania, Western Australia, Central Australia, South Australia, in the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Anthropologist Géza Róheim wrote:

When the Yumu, Pindupi, Ngali, or Nambutji were hungry, they ate small children with neither ceremonial nor animistic motives. Among the southern tribes, the Matuntara, Mularatara, or Pitjentara, every second child was eaten in the belief that the strength of the first child would be doubled by such a procedure.

Family units usually consisted of three children. Brough Smyth, a 19th century researcher, estimated that in Victoria about 30% of the births resulted in infanticide.Mildred Dickeman concurs that that figure is accurate in other Australia tribes as a result of a surplus of the birthrate. Cannibalism was observed in Victoria at the beginning of the 20th century. The Wotjo tribe, as well as the tribes of the lower Murray River, sometimes killed a newborn to feed an older sibling.

Thomas Robert Malthus wrote that, in the New South Wales region, when the mother died sucking infants were buried alive with her.In the Darling River region, infanticide was practiced “by a blow on the back of the head, by strangling with a rope, or chocking with sand”.

In Queensland a tribal woman could have children after the age of thirty. Otherwise babies would be killed.

The Australian Aranda tribes in the Northern Territory used the method of choking the newborn with coal, sand or kill her with a stick.

According to James George Frazer, in the Beltana tribes in South Australia it was customary to kill the first-born.

Twins were always killed by the Arrernte in central Australia. In the Luritcha tribe occasional cannibalism of young children occurred.

Aram Yengoyan calculated that, in Western Australia, the Pitjandjara people killed 19% of their newborns.

In the 19th century the native Tasmanians were exterminated by the colonists, who regarded them as a degenerate race. Richard H. Davies (fl. 1830s – 1887), a brother of Archdeacon Davies, wrote that Tasmanian “females have been known to desert their infants for the sake of suckling the puppies”, which were later used for hunting. Like other tribal Australians, when the mother died the child was buried as well.



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  1. Pathetic, really, the way the Aussie PM snivels and grovels for politically correct effect. Really pathetic.

  2. What a load of shite. Look at the dates that your so called experts wrote their comments……At the very peak of racism and prejudice against native Australians.
    You have no idea of the culture, beliefs or social structure of Aborigines. In fact I suggest it is you Ozzie that is primitive and naive. It is your children that should probably be eaten in order to stop your disgusting ideas spreading to rest of the populace.

  3. @Anon – you sound like a brainwashed Gen Y female. Go do some RESEARCH for yourself – you see, your problem is that you don't even lift a finger to find out the truth yourself. It's easier to rant and rave about nonsense than to actually find out if there is any basis to the post. Now, if you maybe got off your behind and even googled the subject you may find out that it is you, dear Anon, that is clueless. The information is freely available – you just have to type it on a thing called a computer and then read it and you will be enlightened. When you can dispute what is posted then come back and call me names. Until then STFU and have a merry Xmas.

  4. Anonymous said… “In fact I suggest it is you Ozzie that is primitive and naive. It is your children that should probably be eaten in order to stop your disgusting ideas spreading to rest of the populace.”
    So an apoligist for primative societal customs responds that those who critcise should have thier children eaten?
    Suggesting infanticide and cannabalism of children is a remedy for supposed ignorance? Hmm. Looks like someone just lost thier mind.

  5. what a twisted racist turd you are – if only you were eaten at birth, we would be spared this infantile garbage.

    Bugger off back to britain you anglo fucktard

  6. Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”

  7. @Mark – I'm sick and tired of people coming onto this blog (which is MY voice) and writing stupid, ignorant comments – which I have the right to delete. Either write something which makes sense and contributes or bugger off. I have grown up a long time ago, I suggest you do the same.

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