Germany: Term “Race” must disappear

You gotta love the Germans. Bashed for years with guilt about their past, they are doing everything humanly possible to make Hitler’s memory go away. They are probably the most liberal, socialist country in Europe – everyone’s friend and nobodies enemy. Now they have the magic formula for ridding the world of racism – simply by banning the word race from their constitution. And, presto, no more racism. Why didn’t we think of this sooner??

Apparently Germany has no problems. So the taxpayer-financed German Institute for Human Rights is sending an insistent reminder to strike the term “race” from Article 3 of the Constitution. The term “race” is, well, racist. Aha! And if the institute still has a problem, no white person comes from a black person, an Indian, or an Asian. In other countries, it is more advanced.

In America, for example, it is common before medical treatment to ask about racial background because it it known that individual “races” react differently to medications. (Good heavens, how racist!)

Dpa reports:
Each theory that bases itself upon the existence of differing races is in itself racist, said Director Beate Rudolf on the occasion of the publication of a positional paper by the institute Tuesday in Berlin. The European Parliament has already declared itself against the term “race” in the legal texts of the European Union. A few European countries have distanced themselves from the term in their national law.

“Such a step is overdue in Germany,” Rudolf said. The term “race” should be replaced with a ban against “racial” discrimination or preference. For already a year and a half, the institute has called for the removal of the term — without echo.

In the Constitution, the term appears in Article 3 (equality under the law), paragraph 3: “No person may be discriminated against or favored on the grounds of his sex, ancestry, race, language, homeland or country of origin, faith, religious or political view. No person may be discriminated against because of his handicap.”

The German Institute for Human Rights, which is funded by federal means, was founded in 2001 upon the recommendation of the national parliament. Its purpose is to report on the condition of human rights within the country and abroad.

It seems as if there are really no problems to report concerning human rights in the country or abroad…



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  1. Dit is nou n regte “volstruis met sy kop in die sand” benadering en om te dink die mense sit mercedes benz aanmekaar.
    But all in all a very good approach , maybe we can pass laws against using the term cancer and bingo!

  2. Well – If they can ban that word or term here, how will they implement BEE, and AA and demographic representation in South-Africa, as this is also based on race… Laws created in the Western World to help, uplift and prtect minorities are now implemented against the minorities in SA… It's absurd. But hey,
    We need to be politically correct!!!
    Black Empowerment and National initiatives is liberal, while anything white is deemed racist!
    I have had it – If only there was a leader to lead us (me) on the field of battle, I would join ASAP!

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