New Tribe Rising?

It almost sounds like Apartheid is back in fashion. The world may just wake up one day and see what Apartheid was all about…separate development and self preservation. No matter how many times the MSM tell you that a square peg fits in a round hole you will find out the truth eventually. A thought-provoking piece by Patrick J. Buchanan .

“Is white the new black?”

So asks Kelefa Sanneh in the subtitle of “Beyond the Pale,” his New Yorker review of several books on white America, wherein he concludes we may be witnessing “the slow birth of a people.”

Sanneh is onto something. For after a year of battering as “un-American,” “evil-doers” and racists, and praise from talk-show hosts and Sarah Palin as “the real Americans,” Tea Party America seems to be taking on a new and separate identity.

Ethnonationalism — the recognition of an embryonic people that they are different from their neighbors, and the concomitant drive to live apart — is, as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote 20 years ago, a more powerful force than any ideology, be it communism, fascism or democracy.

Ethnonationalism is the pre-eminent force of the age we have entered, the creator and destroyer of empires and nations. Even as Schlesinger was writing his “Disuniting of America,” Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union were disintegrating into 22 new nations, along the lines of ethnicity. In Dagestan, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Ossetia and Abkhazia, the process proceeds apace.

It has happened before — and here.

In the American colonies, the evil institution of slavery, followed by a century of segregation, created out of the children of captured Africans who had little in common other than color a new people, the African-Americans, who went out and voted 24-to-one for Barack Obama.

In 1754, the 13 colonies consisted of South Carolinians, New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians and Virginians, all loyal subjects of the king.

But after the contemptuous treatment of colonial soldiers in the French and Indian War, the Stamp Act, the Townshend duties, the Boston Massacre, the Tea Party, the Quartering Act and the Quebec Act, by 1775 a new people had been born: the Americans.

In 1770, New York colonists had erected a statue of George III in Bowling Green in grateful tribute for his repeal of the Townshend taxes. In July 1776, they pulled it down and melted it for lead bullets after Washington read his soldiers the Declaration of Independence portraying George III as another Ivan the Terrible.

Adversity and abuse increase the awareness of separate identity and accelerate the secession of peoples from each other.

Obama in the campaign of 2008 recognized that “out there” in Middle America existed another country, far from the one he grew up in, far from the privileged Ivy League community to which he belonged.

As others have done in our multicultural and multiethnic nation, this people is beginning to assert its identity, unapologetically.

Sioux gather at Little Bighorn to celebrate the massacre of Custer’s command. Hawaiian natives demand a new ethnically based government — and receive Obama’s blessing. Hispanics march under Mexican flags in Los Angeles to demand citizenship for illegal aliens.

Now Southerners are proudly commemorating ancestors who fought and fell in the Lost Cause and demanding recognition of Confederate History Month. And state governors are acceding.

In 2004, when Howard Dean reached out to “guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks,” Shelby Steele wrote that this was “absolutely verboten. Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America” because of their history and white guilt.

This, Sanneh suggests, is changing. The imputation of racism to Tea Partiers has not intimidated or cowed them.

When Obama named Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, there was no hesitation in blistering her for showing contempt for the rights of Frank Ricci and the white firefighters of New Haven, cheated of the promotions they had won in competitive exams.

When black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested by Cambridge cop James Crowley, most Americans, despite Obama and media suggestions of racial profiling, sided with Crowley.

Why are the Tea Partiers not intimidated the way Republicans often are? Why is the charge of racism not working?

First, they do not feel the guilt of country-club Republicans.

Second, they know it to be untrue. While Tea Partiers are anti-Obama, they are also anti-Pelosi, anti-Martha Coakley and anti-Charlie Christ. The coming conflict is not so much racial as it is cultural, political and tribal.

Black America seems united. White America is the house divided, for it is in the womb of white America that this new people is gestating and fighting to be born.



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  1. You'd like to think the Tea Parties are the beginning of something, but Jared Taylor has a sobering reply to Buchanan: No Great Awakening:

    Unlike Pat Buchanan, I do not think the Tea Party movement marks the emergence of a new, white ethnonationalism…

    The politicians Tea Partiers admire most are Sarah Palin, who has the racial consciousness of a fried egg…

    They are not a sign of ethnonationalism, nor will they be until their organizers and participants are prepared to say, “Yes, we’re white, and we like it that way.” …

    The motto of the Tea Party Patriots, “fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets,” is hardly a celebration of ethnic identity.

    For racial consciousness to have political consequences, it must be as explicit and unapologetic as that of the Congressional Black Caucus and the National Council of La Raza. That is what it will take for whites to survive as a distinct people with a distinct culture…

    Whites are schizophrenic about race. When it matters to them personally, they can be shockingly illiberal. They clear out when the neighborhood turns Mexican or the public school turns black, and they do this whatever their politics. As Joe Sobran has noted, in their mating and migratory habits, liberals are no different from members of the Klan. But virtually no whites admit race has anything to do with this, and they claim not to care if the whole country goes black and Mexican.

    once they have escaped from the joys of diversity, and found a little patch of homogeneity, whites forget why they moved. This deluded state of mind is now at least 50 years old, and is only slowly crumbling…”

    The awakening is painfully slow, but the rise of someone like Wilders (though only slightly race conscious) shows things can turn quickly.

  2. Here's a new race-conscious US party that sounds promising. Video: An Introduction to the American Third Position by William Johnson:

    At this time I wish to address only the principle of identity. That the human species is comprised of a patchwork of differing races and cultures is a matter of common sense, and yet there are those who would destroy this richness in humanity in order to replace it with a rootless mass: lacking identity and history. In such a nightmare world the very words 'race, nation and culture' would cease to have any meaning at all. In other words, this forced multiculturalism is seeking to destroy the living soil in which all peoples have their roots, their identity, their being. The Third Position rejects any and all attempts to impose this unnatural conformity onto mankind, whether it be advanced by slick propaganda or at the point of a gun. The Third Position insists that it is both healthy and divinely ordained that people should have a genuine love and preference for their own kind. It likewise insists that this healthy instinct must be complemented by a sincere respect for those of differing race and culture who act upon that same principle. Indentity, and the preservation for future generations is a key value of the American Third Position. We reject the iron cage of multiculturalism and the stone wall of diversity that has been erected from both the left and the right in America today. As Richard Loveless further wrote, 'stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage'. We instead have become prisoners of misguided values. Yet we will break free. Please help us in our efforts and join the American Third Position.

    They'd get my vote if I was a Yank.

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