Iran’s Ahmadinejad visits Mugabe

Doesn’t this story give you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over?

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is visiting Zimbabwe to open Zimbabwe’s annual trade fair. That surely indicates how isolated Iran really is over its obnoxious and disingenuous nuclear programme. The trip’s been condemned by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change as a meeting of despots which could further isolate Harare. That comment shows just how dysfunctional the country’s so-called unity government really is. Zimbabwe’s state media lauded Ahmadinejad’s visit as part of a drive to strengthen ties between countries that eschew the West. Ahmadinejad was met at Harare’s international airport by Mugabe and Zanu-PF cabinet ministers, while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and ministers from the Movement for Democratic Change were notably absent. May the farce be with you.



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  1. This fool will cause the serious questions regarding the jewish involvement in all spheres of western society to be swept under the carpet for the next 70 years.The lack of honest and open debate regarding this question combined with peoples frustration will again lead to disaster. Hopefully the age of truth has arrived and people will question without a knee jerk reaction.
    One thing is clear and that is that people all over the world are asking pertinent questions and emotions are running very high.
    There should be no sacred cows in search for truth.

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