South Africa: Life in Azania

The story is getting out there people. I’m finding more and more blogs blogging about the situation in South Africa. We will win and get the truth out there. The article below is quite long, but sums up the chaos SA has dissolved into. From a first world country to another African hell hole. If you click on the source link at the end it will take you to the original article where each link to each story is listed.

 A white victim of crime in South Africa

An OD correspondent in South Africa has been sending me regular bulletins from Nelson Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.” White Nationalists in North America have always followed the news out of South Africa, but I am getting the impression that we have underestimated how awful life is there for the average White person. The typical White American hasn’t heard anything about South Africa since Mandela was inaugurated as president. He assumes everything must be hunky dory over there.

Here is a brief snapshot of life is really like in the world’s first “post-racial society.” The material compiled here are all stories that have come out of South Africa over the past two weeks. Most of them are taken from the local press. This is the indispensable background to the Eugene Terre’blanche farm murder and the “racial tension” the MSM is wailing about.

1.) Potholes and Healthcare – A traveling salesman is driving through the North West where he dodges a metre-wide pothole, overturns his car, and gets flung out of the window. George Struwig lands on the tar road where he suffers a shoulder injury.

Struwig gets shuffled around to three hospitals before appropriately landing in the Steve Biko Academic Hospital (named after a famous terrorist), a state hospital, near Pretoria. After three days without medical assistance, Struwig’s wound begins to putrify. His brother transfers him to a private hospital where surgery saves his limb from amputation.

While at the private hospital, Struwig notices there are patients there who have gone weeks without treatment. A guy in his ward couldn’t feed himself and the medical personnel would leave the food by his bed and where he can starve as he watches it.

Under black rule, the incompetent South African government has proven unable to maintain the transportation infrastructure and the White healthcare system they inherited.

2.) Terror in Mozambique – A South African tourist and his girlfriend visit Maputo, the capital of nearby Mozambique, to set up a procurement business. The beautiful countryside of Mozambique, which the tourist describes as “nearly untouched by man,” exists in stark contrast to Maputo which has been destroyed by feral negroes. Under black rule, Mozambique (formerly a prosperous Portuguese colony) is ranked among the lowest nations on the U.N. Human Development Index.

Upon arrival at a border post, the tourists are accosted by locals. They are harassed by the local police who carry AK-47s. The black soldiers intimidate the tourists into giving them R500. After checking into their hotel, the tourists are again intimidated by black soldiers with AK-47s who rob them of all their money. Somehow the tourists procure more funds and visit the most reputable restaurant in Mozambique where the staff runs their credit cards twice.

The South African couple returns home determined never to visit Mozambique again. This is what life is like for Whites marooned in Sub-Saharan Africa in the aftermath of triumphant anti-racism.

3.) More Terror in Mozambique – In Mozambique, sixteen South African tourists are robbed and a White woman is raped by blacks. The blacks attempted to rape another Afrikaner woman unsuccessfully. They left the gas on in the room (attempted mass murder) where the men were gagged and bound. Mozambique officials will be “discussing” the safety of tourists.

4.) The World’s Most Expensive Banana – A negro shoots a black teenager in the head on the suspicion that he was eating a stolen banana.

5.) Abortion South African Style – A couple wraps their newborn baby in a plastic bag and throw it out the window of their accelerating vehicle. Try guessing the race of the suspects.

6.) A Casual Stroll – Three negroes assault a pedestrian and fight for “their turns” to rape her. The woman was forced to perform fellatio on one suspect while the other raped her. The trio are in court facing 14 counts of rape. During the violent attack, one of the suspects casually alluded to another gang rape they had performed previously. Justice works in mysterious ways in the “Rainbow Nation.”

7.) Your Life Savings – Four armed negroes break into the home of a black man and rob him of his life savings. They shoot him in the stomach. The robbers invade the home of the neighbors and threaten to shoot a 10-year-old boy.

8.) Free Enterprise in “Azania” – A White butcher is murdered by two negroes on his way to work.

9.) Thriving Small Business Sector – In the middle of the night, back thieves attempt to liberate the safes of two businesses with explosives. Two more black thieves rob a business in a shopping center.

10.) Women in the Workplace – A White woman is attacked by a vicious negro slasher at the gate of her workplace who repeatedly stabs her in the head, arm, and neck. Her boss finds her covered in blood.

11.) Don’t Trust the Police – In Durban, four black police officers abduct a White female attorney. They rough her up, slap her across the face, and call her a “racist bitch.” She felt “defenceless.” In Johannesburg, three senior black police officers engage in drug smuggling, theft, and fraud. A black female police officer sells pot to keep her children in school.

12.) Government Corruption – An ex-ANC Youth League official is arrested for stealing credentials.

13.) Measles Returns – 3.1 million babies in South Africa are being immunized to stop outbreaks of measles from ravaging the country. Under White rule, measles, polio, and malaria were all but eradicated, but have returned under black rule.

14.) Babies Aren’t Safe – A negro is lynched by a mob after he is caught raping a 3 month old baby.

15.) Children Aren’t Safe – A negro is arrested for raping a five-year-old. Negroes murder a White 15-year-old boy, break his neck, beat him until he is unrecognizable, and get off scot free.

16.) Adults Aren’t Safe – A homeowner is stabbed to death by negroes who insist on passing through his yard. Negroes hijack several buildings and force property owners to pay them rent.

17.) So Much For School – Public schools are being closed down in Johannesburg left and right as they are abandoned by negro students.

18.) Don’t Use The ATM – It cost this White man his life.

19.) Vigilante Justice – A mob of negroes lynch a negro for killing an elderly man. Give credit where it is due: this rapist got what he deserved.

20.) Congo Craziness – Meanwhile, up north in the DRC, Congolese rebels kidnapped a Spanish doctor and shaved off all his body hair in the hope that it would give them magical powers in battle.

21.) Nationalization – South Africa takes the first steps toward the nationalization of its mining industry. Julius Malema is determined to follow Zambia off the cliff.

22.) The Elderly Aren’t Safe – An elderly White man with Alzheimers is beaten to death by a mob of negroes for stealing a candy bar. A security camera video shows he did not resist arrest. He later died in police custody.

23.) So Much for Democracy – Malema’s supporters scrap the secret ballot and use a show of hands to steal elections.

24.) Public Utilities Falling Apart – The ANC is doubling its stake in the drive to build new power stations as blackouts continue to plague South Africa. Blacks are literally tearing down the power lines to sell copper on the black market.

25.) Viva Malema! – A White farm family is attacked by feral negroes shouting “Viva Malema”; Nelson Mandela’s former White bodyguard goes missing; a 19 year old White girl is sadistically tortured and burned with cigarettes by black home invaders.

26.) Animals Aren’t Safe – Pets haven’t fared any better in Nelson Mandela’s new and improved South Africa.

27.) Family Friends Aren’t Safe – A domestic servant of Terre’blanche was herself murdered after discovering the murder plot. Some “wage dispute.”

28.) Prisoners Aren’t Safe – You don’t want to end up in a South African prison.

Now back to Eugene Terre’blanche. As previously noted, the above is the context in which all of this is happening.

A vicious and baseless rumor has circulated in recent days that Eugene Terre’blanche was murdered after sodomizing his farm workers. A tabloid reported over the weekend that police had found a condom at the crime scene. Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. delightfully ran the story. The South African police have denied recovering any evidence of sexual impropriety. The lawyer of the accused has dropped the sodomy charge after saying his own client’s story made no sense.

Last week, Terre’blanche was peacefully laid to rest by friends and family. As Kievsky pointed out, 1 in every 1,000 South African Whites attended the funeral, an extraordinary turnout for “washed up has been” and “relic of Apartheid.” AWB members wore uniforms and sieg heiled as their leader was lowered into the ground. White children waved the AWB’s three pronged swastika flag. Other supporters waved the flags of the former independent Boer republics. In his gruesome death, Eugene Terre’blanche did more to advance the cause of Afrikaner secession than he ever did in life.

The South African Institute of Race Relations is concerned about the escalating racial tension in the country. It notes that White farmers are being viciously murdered and the ANC has used affirmative action and “black empowerment programs” to create a corrupt patronage network. The so-called “progress” in race relations of the past fifteen years is being undone. The ANC has enriched itself and failed to alleviate the plight of the impoverished negro underclass. They have responded by stirring up race hatred against Whites.

Interestingly, the South African Institute of Race Relations notes that the ANC is entirely dependent on White farmers to feed the country. The flight of Whites abroad will drain South Africa of its tax base and technical expertise. Whites are crudely seen as a sort of cattle that produce the milk which keeps the whole rotten system float. If they bail, secede, or lose faith in the doubleplusgood experiment in “multiracial democracy,” the result would be disastrous for blacks, who are the only people “human rights organizations” are concerned with. The government must “live up” to this challenge.

That seems increasingly unlikely.

Julius Malema recently kicked a BBC reporter out a news conference and announced “this is the building of a revolutionary party and you know nothing about the revolution.” ”Don’t come here with that white tendency, go out bastard, bloody agent.” He gleefully noted that the reporter was “a small man” who was in no position to put up a fight. In recent days, Malema has bucked the leadership of his own party.

The ANC has cynically told the foreign press that it aims to reduce racial tension. Meanwhile, it is fighting the ban on the “Kill the Boer” song and is even paying for the legal defense of Eugene Terre’blanche’s murderers. Julius Malema has described Zimbabwe’s land reform measures as “courageous and militant.” “Land reform in Zimbabwe has been very successful,” Malema said, adding that Mugabe’s programme was a “very correct method”.

As hard as it is to believe, Julius Malema is a “moderate” compared to some factions in South Africa. The Pan African Congress is encouraging its supporters to sing the “Kill the Boer” song in open defiance of the South African Supreme Court. “We call on our people to sing the songs Shoot the boer and Zuma’s Umshini wam (Bring me my machine-gun). This is part of their struggle,” PAC general secretary Mfanelo Skwatsha said on Tuesday to mark April 6 as the date on which the PAC was launched. The PAC wants South Africa to be renamed Azania after the complete Africanization of the country.

I haven’t seen the Western media decrying all these extremists. Black supremacists have the wrong skin color. They don’t fit into the standard PC narrative of evil Whites and noble blacks. Azania is treated as a legitimate aspiration of oppressed “people of color.” A White ethnostate in South Africa is demonized as the second coming of the Third Reich. What loathsome hypocrisy.

The Whites of South Africa face a stark choice: submission or secession. The first option has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Whites in every other African country. 1/4th of South African Whites have already fled the country. More will flee when Julius Malema becomes president and implements Zimbabwe-style land reforms. The epidemic of violent crime in South Africa is already arguably a stealth genocide.

The second option is to fight back and secede from a failed state whose corrupt government no self respecting White man would ever swear fealty to. The list of causes that American colonials felt justified their secession from the British Empire – taxes on tea and stamps – are trivial compared to the horrors endured on a daily basis by Whites in South Africa.

Negro savages have raped your wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters. They have slashed the throats of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and kin folk. They openly sing about your extermination as a race. They gleefully brag on the internet about reducing your women to chattel sex slaves. This inept government has stolen your wealth, demonized your history, disrespected your most cherished cultural symbols, instituted racial discrimination against your posterity, violated your property rights, allowed the most basic of public services – justice, security, health, education, infrastructure – to fall into disrepair. It is your natural right to abolish this Third World monstosity.

You must secure the existence of your people and a future for White children. Prove yourself worthy of your brave ancestors … or suffer eternal shame and disgrace by cowering away in fear over being called mere words.



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  1. After reading this, I am disheartend and sad. These are difficult words to read but it is oh so true, and the truth hurts. I truly fear for the lives and survival of the white people, not only in South Africa, but across the globe. The white population is dwindling, whether it be from genocide, liberalism or multiculturalism and interracial relationships. White people need to wake up and take a look around. It's time to fight back.

  2. booooooooo this is so untrue

  3. white peolple have been taking over south africa for years they were the one giving out torture and beating but when black people fight back they get accused of this plz

  4. calling black people negros…so 1899

    Dont believe what this idiot is saying. Most crime in SA is black on black. It is true white people are murdered but more 'negros' are dying as a result.
    A south african friend of mine went to australia and was flashed by and australian in a gym. Does that make all australians perverts? Actually i guess it does.
    Dear writer, you are have been retarded by your own lack of self respect. Please dont call yourself South African, we are glad you left out shores.
    Moderate and sane white south african

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