Teenage girl raped and killed and baby tortured in the Rainbow Nation

Another white South African teenage female raped and stabbed to death; and a one year old baby tortured….When are whites going to stop employing maids?

Villiersdorp, South Africa – A father had to hear yesterday how his daughter got murdered on their farm in Villiersdorp.

The 17 year old Alicia Muller from the farm Morning Glory outside of Villiersdorp on the farm grounds yesterday morning when she was attacked. Her father that was in the house heard her screams and ran to help her.

When the father got to her there was a man sitting on top of her that overpowered her father but he managed to escape. According to police when the father came back with assistance from people working on the farm, she was already dead with multiple stab wounds in her chest and side and the attacker was long gone.

She was on her way to school when the attack happened, it was around 7am according to police

1 Year old baby tortured in South Africa by criminal savages

Randburg, South Africa – Police are on a manhunt for savage robbers that are on a mission to destroy the lives of those they rob and steal from. A one year old toddler was seriously assaulted in her parents Robin Hills home on Thursday by robbers. Instead of just stealing what they want they tortured and beat the little girl blue and unconscious.

After tying up the domestic worker they assaulted the little girl. When the mother of the child got home after work she found the child unconscious and full of blood. The security company they are members off took the child to hospital. The baby stopped breathing a few times on way to the hospital.

The little girl is in serious condition in Medic clinic in Sandton.

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  1. No genocide intended I assume.

    Where is DE KLERK ?
    Where is MANDELA ?
    Where is TUTU ?
    Too old to say anything ?
    Where is Zuma ?
    Too little power left too say anything ?
    Where is the world??????? you asked for this!

    and the Afrikaners….. too busy watching rugby to care ?
    May God be with the families, He seems to be the only one who cares.

    I hereby tender my resignation as a member of the human race or should i say the human “disgRACE”

  2. The Afrikaaners are being murdered, raped, tortured. So what are the Afrikaaners doing to protect themselves? NOTHING. They are to busy watching rugby, braiing, or watching their black workers do work that they themselves should be doing.

  3. Ey, atleast we do something with our lives unlike you lazy bastards that just sit at home and finding someone to blame because you can't get off your ass and do something by yourself.

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