$338.3 Billion Paid to Service America’s Illegal Aliens

You know the old saying: “Charity begins at home”? Why is America, a Christian nation, not heeding this time-tested life lesson? Yet, they send their young males to serve and die in the army to protect far-off places and allow illegal immigrants to invade the country and sponge off the hard-working tax-payer. I for one think America has been far too generous with her wealth and good-will and should now focus on her true citizens and nurture the country back to health. Just to give you an idea of some of the proven costs involved: the cost of supporting these spongers (these figures are related to just 14 cases followed in the last year alone) is a whopping $ 338.3 billion a year and if you like me have trouble understanding this amount of money; it is $338,300,000,000.00 (or 1/3 of a $trillion)!

By Warner Todd Huston
My friend Gary Karlin over at the Evanston Conservative blog has spent the last year or so collecting a series of stories detailing the costs of illegal aliens to the United States.

With just the 14 news stories he highlights, the cost rings in at a staggering $338.3 Billion in money wasted by government giving freebies to illegal aliens as well as in law enforcement costs.

Free schools, free medial care, free Medicaid, free food, free social services, it’s a veritable cornucopia of freebies streaming out of our various government’s coffers to these people who broke our laws to get here and are breaking our laws to stay.

Again, I want to stress that the costs that Gary added up are only the costs as detailed in the 14 news stories he chronicles. Not mentioned is the billions of dollars that the states pay out to mollify illegals every year not to mention the other costs to the federal government that illegals incur that aren’t detailed in the stories that Karlin reviews.

Karlin pointedly asks his readers to imagine what the U.S. could have done with these billions in this harsh economy if we didn’t have to waste this King’s fortune on illegal aliens? The question is a good one to ponder.

Now I don’t agree with Gary that this unnecessary (in fact illicit) expenditure is why the economy is failing. There are far more reasons than the illegal problem dogging our great nation. But Karlin is right to point out that these billions wasted on lawless illegals is certainly not helping our economic outlook!

Just imagine what we could have done with the $338.3 Billion wasted on illegals!




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  1. And illegals say that politicians don't do anything for them…

    And as far as waste goes, we have foreign wars, TARP payments, the stimulus, bloated welfare rolls, etc., etc., etc.

  2. I feel for you dude. Surely your deficit should be ringing alarm bells that something is wrong? I guess this is what the marxists want – a country in chaos and brought to it's knees. To think that people who hate America are now running the most powerful country. Scary.

  3. In the 1950's, Sen McCarthy used to put communists in jail. Now we have a communist, illegal alien in the White House. How times have changed.

    Have you seen the story on Lt. Col. Terry Lakin? He's the Army Officer who served in the Pentagon, he's like the surgeon general of the Army or the Chief Medical Officer. He's being court marshaled, because he won't follow any orders from Obama, because he's not convinced he's the commander and chief.

    Obama still hasn't shown his long form birth certificate. This is a landmark court marshal, because it could force a discovery of Obama's long form birth certificate. If Obama's father indeed was a british subject and Obama is a dual citizen, he's disqualified from office. If Obama was born in Kenya, he's disqualified from office and all the bills he signed into law are undone, including the oppressive healthcare bill. The verbiage is in the US constitution.

    Gary Karlin

  4. @Gary – yes, I did an earlier post on Terry Lakin:

    I've done a few on Obama's birthing controversy. I'm hoping something is going to come of this and the USA will be “saved” and hopefully have learnt a very expensive lesson…

  5. dude that's true… let the tax payers enjoy the benefits not tha illegals

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