Australia: Eye lost in Adelaide nightclub stiletto attack

Not only are they struggling with crime by blacks in the West, but its also made its way Down-under – this time the crime was committed by African black females (not to be outdone by their male counterparts).  And the victims’ mother thinks they’ll give themselves up because they have a “conscience”! Bwahahaha…..

YOUNG Adelaide woman has lost an eye and narrowly escaped permanent brain damage after she was stomped on with a stiletto shoe during a vicious assault in a popular city nightclub.

The attack was believed to have been sparked after the 25-year-old victim accidentally stepped on another girl’s foot in the women’s toilets of the West Tce venue during an African-themed Rugby Sevens party last month.

The victim, who would give only her first name, Tash, has described how she thought she was going to be killed as up to four women of African descent bashed her in what she maintains was an unprovoked attack in the early hours of March 21.

The retail worker said she was bashed and knocked to the ground in the toilets at about 3am by a group of women, before one stamped on her face – plunging her stiletto heel into Tash’s left eye, missing her brain by millimetres.

Her eye was removed on March 26 and she will shortly be fitted with a prosthetic eye.

The incident was reported to police but Tash said she believed her attackers were from interstate, complicating the task of identifying them.

The viciousness of the attack has left Tash shell-shocked. She said she is now too scared to go out at night and wears sunglasses every day to hide her disfigurement. “It’s not human (what they did), especially females,” she said.

Tash’s mother said nothing could justify what the women had done to her daughter.

“Hopefully they get a conscience and give themselves up, and somebody who knows them does the right thing and reports it to the authorities,” she said.

Eastern Adelaide CIB Senior Constable Christian Ruckert said police were appealing for anybody to come forward, as CCTV footage seized from HQ had offered no leads.

“This was a pretty brutal attack and I’ve never heard of anything like this before,” he said. “You don’t expect females to do that to each other; blokes glass each other but you don’t expect this from girls.”


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  1. “This was a pretty brutal attack and I've never heard of anything like this before,” he said. “You don't expect females to do that to each other; blokes glass each other but you don't expect this from girls.”

    Multiculturalism in all it's glory, I wonder how many other innocent Ozzies have fallen victim to these savages, I guess they only now are finding out what a chimp-out is.

    “Hopefully they get a conscience and give themselves up, ……”

    That's wishful thinking on her part, these sub-human are not born with one iota of a conscience.

    Terrible to know that Tash will live with this tragedy for the rest of her life, while the others move on to their next future victims.

  2. actually crime in Adelaide perpertrated by black Africans is almost non-existant. So you are wrong. This is an isolated incident, there is a lot of crime, a lot of violence, but not usually involving Africans.

  3. @Anon 12:52 – Where do I say that this is an Adelaide problem only? Can you speak for the rest of the country as well? Come to Melbourne and Sydney and tell me that the sometimes horrific crimes committed are isolated incidents. Just because the police don't mention the races of the perpetrators or the MSM doesn't report all the crime doesn't mean it doesn't exist (case in point, I didn't hear about this crime – did you?). Go look at the Aussie prison stats and look which races are disproportionately represented and for which crimes. And remember, most perpetrators get off these days with a slap on the wrist and a warning not to do it again.

  4. From the “almost non-existant” Adelaide African crime file…

    Teen admits to stabbing murder

    In the SA Supreme Court, a 15-year-old Sudanese teenager has confessed to the stabbing murder of another teenager.
    (CCTV of this attack here).

    African refugee jailed for sex offences

    The two girls, aged 15 and 16, … woke at various times to find Omana lying on top of them or beside them on a mattress. He had sex with one of the girls and indecently assaulted the other.

    Teens arrested over drive-by robbery

    … two men were walking along Renwick Street just before 11:30pm AEST, when three youths of African appearance pulled up in a car.

    Armed African men in wallet grab

    FIVE men of African appearance; one armed with a knife; accosted and robbed a man as he walked on a busy Greenacres street tonight.

    You can find a few more Africans-in-Oz crimes at NewSouthWails and AbandonSkip (scroll down) or Downunder Newslinks or the Australian Identity Forum.

    All the indications are that we are in for the same levels of African crime that you find in the UK, USA, France etc.

  5. Thanks for this Bloc Ozzie,we need more of these maybe some people will open there eyes.

    Glad that the “down under” feel they dont have a problem.

    Guys we have lot of black youths Millions that want to leave …just in South Africa…How about it?dont be shy!!

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