Black man savagely beats two white women with baseball bat

How’s that “post-racial” thing working out in Obama’s home town of Chicago? Not very well; at least if you’re a young white woman. Blacks have been killing each other at a record clip in Chicago of late; it’s gotten so bad that one black preacher is demanding that the governor send out the National Guard to keep blacks from murdering other blacks. Well, it looks like one black man decided to heed Sista Souljah’s advice, which was that blacks should take a week off from killing each other, and kill white people instead.

 Stacy Jurich, left, and Natasha McShane

Stacy Jurich, 24, and Natasha McShane, 23, were out celebrating Stacy’s glowing review she got at work. They stayed out late, but were headed home early this morning. They never made it, because an Obama supporter had other plans:

They were two young women out on the town and celebrating success.

One was 24-year-old Stacy Jurich, a recent college grad who earned a glowing work review.

The other was Natasha McShane, 23, an exchange student from Ireland attending the University of Illinois at Chicago.

At about 3:30 a.m. this morning, they were walking to Jurich’s Bucktown home from a bar in Wicker Park when the night turned ugly.

A robber attacked them with an aluminum baseball bat near railroad tracks in the 1800 block of North Damen. After the attack, the man stole their purses and ran away. Both women were beaten unconscious and taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, where they are in the intensive care unit.

“Jesus, why would they do that? It’s crazy,” said Jurich’s stepfather, Rick Van Etten.

Her mother, Wendy Gay Van Etten, said, “She’s a wonderful girl. I wish there were more Stacys in the world and less people like the son of gun who tried to take her out.”

With tears in her eyes, she added, “Natasha got the worst of it.”

Jurich works at a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney brokerage in the western suburbs, according to her mother. She had received a good job review Tuesday and went out to celebrate with McShane.

During the attack, Jurich was struck in the back of the head and dazed, her mother said. She stumbled and the attacker went after McShane, striking her in the head two or three times. McShane crumpled to the ground unconscious in a pool of blood.

When Jurich tried to help McShane, the robber struck Jurich in the head again, her mother said. Jurich knew she needed to escape and screamed for a cabbie to stop his taxi, but the man saw the blood on her clothes and kept going. A second cabbie then stopped and called 911. That’s when Jurich passed out.

This afternoon, Jurich was lucid and able to speak to her mother, although she was having seizures. “The doctors are keeping a close watch on her,” her mother said.

Authorities said McShane was in critical condition. Her parents have been contacted in Ireland and are trying to travel to Chicago, but are concerned they will get delayed by the volcanic ash from the recent eruption in Iceland, Wendy Gay Van Etten said.

Jurich grew up in suburban Oak Forest and graduated in 2008 from North Central College in Naperville. She suffers from an autoimmune disease that sometimes makes walking difficult, but she was feeling OK recently, her mother said.

McShane is a student at University College Dublin. Since January, she’s been studying at the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at UIC, said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the school. “Our thoughts are with the student and her family.”

The robber was black; 27 to 34; 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9; and wore a tan or light colored hooded sweatshirt, police said.

It’s open season on white people in Obama’s “post-racial” America. But all the talking heads want to talk about is “hate speech” coming from Tea Parties.



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  1. So you're actually saying that because Obama is our president, white people are in danger of being attacked by “Obama supporters”?

    And you're serious–or did you have some other actual point you might want to elucidate?

  2. @Anon – click on the source button and you'll see the original article. This was written by an American who lives in the country and has first hand knowledge of what's going on. Black crime has rocketed in Chicago since Obama took office – read into that what you want. If you want to deny that more whites are attacked and/or killed by blacks (and more blacks are in prison for crime disproportionate to their population representation) than vice versa then go bury your head further in the sand. This is the trend internationally – so, why don't you go and figure out what the common denominator is.

  3. So I assume you'd like to see an end to discrimination in housing, i.e. the creation of post-“projects” ghettos/slums, and–at the same time–the upholding of white property values at all costs. Or did you have a different solution to suggest? Perhaps something that you think might work even better?

    Please give me the statistics on “black crimes” since Obama took office, as well as those of “white crimes.” I'm curious.

    Also, was your great-grandfather taught to read and write?

  4. @ Anon – How about blacks start with developing some integrity; honesty; morals and values? How many USA black families have a father present? What's the latest dazzling stat? 75% of black families are single-mother families? Where are those upstanding responsible black males to look after the next generation that they so easily sire, but don't stay around to nurture? Or is that also someone else's fault?

    And, as a matter of fact, my great-grandfather and grandfather (and all the previous generations) couldn't read or write as they also never had the opportunity to go to school. My father only attended school until grade 5 as he had to go help his dad make money to support the family. But, they still earned a living fishing and looking after a 9-headed family. That's the difference between the whites and the blacks. Blacks don't know what responsibility is and it's so much easier to let everyone else take the blame and feel sorry for them. How much longer is the slave situation going to be used to cover up for them? And by even bringing up the reading and writing issue means you are complicit in defending the indefensible.

    And, if you want the USA crime stats go do some research or are you too lazy to do it? Want this whitey to do that for you too? There are plenty sources out there – just do some work. You obviously have a problem seeing the bigger picture.

  5. If your argument is “blacks are by their very nature lazy, violent and stupid”–which seems to be the long and short of it–then I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree. I believe I do see the bigger picture, and that there are many more societal factors supporting and encouraging the status quo than doing anything to alter the choices available to the lower class. I wonder why is that.

  6. Yup – knew you'd bring out the societal factors argument eventually. What you conveniently forget is who exactly established the “society” you refer to? Was it me and you? No, it's the people within that community. You can chose to wallow in self-pity and blame everyone around you for your lot in life – or you can chose to make something of yourself. Why is it that it's usually the blacks that are deemed disadvantaged all the time? Show me successful blacks who have made it on their own without playing the race card (and I'm not talking of the few sportsmen or such that may have achieved this – I'm talking about the thousands if not millions that have achieved this). In South Africa, during Apartheid, the Indian race was treated exactly the same as the blacks. Yet, they prospered where the blacks, despite being given everything for free, failed (they only excelled at making babies – sound familiar?). Why is that? Maybe because, despite their circumstances they shouldered their own destiny and made something of themselves? Why can't blacks seem to do the same? I'm not saying there are none that are successful in their own right, but that number is small compared to their numbers. The majority have the same “loser” attitude and rely on others to care for them. Just maybe, were they to recover from their “woe is me” coma people will actually develop some respect for them; they'd learn to look after themselves and the race card would be put away for good.

  7. So you do, in fact, believe that black people are liable to be lazy, violent and stupid. Nature, not nurture–right?

    And do you also believe that all who “prosper” are productive, righteous and intelligent?

    But you are right: it is indeed usually the blacks that are deemed–nay, SHOWN, in myriad mainstream media–to be disadvantaged all the time. We must never forget that black people are poor, stupid and dangerous.

  8. @ anon – at last you see the light and agree. Thanks mate. I knew you'd see my point eventually.

  9. I think you missed mine. But good luck to you.

  10. @Anon- no I didin't miss your point but you gave up on a good, clean argument too quickly. I was a tad dissapointed.

  11. As your argument seemed to be only that “blacks are lazy and stupid,” I didn't see anything good or clean about continuing the monotony of it. So I was also dissapointed [sic].

    If you can convince me that Obama's presidency has anything at all to do with black crime or that black citizens of the U.S. are afforded every opportunity afforded white citizens, please do enlighten me.

    Till then, I'll continue believing that we U.S. citizens live in a racist society, and that we shouldn't complain about the unfortunate “blowback” of our government's actions and our willingness to accept the status quo until we at least attempt to change our way of thinking about the issue.

  12. @anon – I think you missed my point rather than vice versa. Please point out where I say that blacks are lazy and stupid. Those were your words not mine (which you kept repeating so this must be an issue with you on some level). I pointed out that they needed to develop some integrity; honesty; morals and values, and take some responsibility for their own lives instead of always expecting others to fix everything for them. And guess what? Everyone is racist so this non-racist utopia you think is out there doesn’t exist and never will. Just like you would put your children ahead of other children – races put their own ahead of others. I’m not sure what opportunities you think whites have over blacks in the USA as I don’t live there so if you could enlighten me I’d appreciate it. And remember, acceptance is a two-way street – you can’t always expect one group to bend over backwards to change without demanding the same from the other.

  13. I apologize if I incorrectly defined your generalization.

    However, it seems that this crime wasn't an exemplification of the need for blacks to develop “some integrity; honesty; morals and values,” as the attacker and his accomplice were of another race.

    Now let's start in on how every member of the accused accomplices' race needs to turn into a better person, the statistics regarding said race's crime rates, and how Obama made everything bad.

  14. Hey Anon – I just did a quick hunt and come up with the following links for you to check out re the crime situation in Chicago:

    Read the comment sections too as that usually gives you a better idea of just what is going on in the hood.

  15. As I live in Chicago, I can't help but hear about [most of] these stories. I know that a lot of crime happens.

    Are you attempting to claim that the perpetrators of all the crimes listed in those links–except of course the subject of your own now incorrect blog post above–are black people?

    And are you still attempting to postulate that each of those crimes is somehow related to the person currently sitting as this nation's president?

    Please connect the dots for me. It's a thrilling idea; but I just don't understand how it all comes together.

  16. @Anon – clearly the crime has become a problem if the chief of police is holding press conferences. And then, once again (so read slowly so you understand me this time), click the source button at the bottom of the article and it will link you to the original post where the AUTHOR has written the introduction. I do no live in the USA and so I bow to his knowledge on the subject. Do you understand?

  17. I do apologize. I'd figured the link was going to take me to an on-line newspaper story about the incident, not to the actual source of what I incorrectly perceived to be YOUR wholesale, irrational racism.

    The main problem here in Chicago is that the city is severely segregated: the North side is for whites [for the most part], and the South side is for minorities and the less-privileged whites [for the most part]. What with such drastic imbalances in property values, opportunities, infrastructure and police presence–in addition to the impact the recession has had on all of those things–the pump is primed for such flare-ups as have been happening. The fault lies in both laps, and has for several presidents' terms. The longer everyone attempts to maintain the status quo, the worse it'll get.

    And it's always worse in the warmer months.

  18. I understand what you're saying. Guess what? Every town has its problem areas. Why is it that it's usually areas inhabited by blacks? This is a world-wide phenomenon. Yes I'm racist, but so are you. We all are and it's natural. I don't want to live next to someone who has his pants around his knees shouting out “yo n!gga” and having his gangsta pals drive-by doing shoot-outs. I also don't want to live next to someone who kills a bull in his front garden by smothering it first with sand ; tying its penis in a knot then gutting it whilst still alive. That's what our Zulu's do and we need to respect their culture and tolerate it without saying anything otherwise you're racist. I chose not to live like this. Does this make me racist. Yes, but I have a choice where and how I live. If you're happy to live in those hoods then go for it. Go to Brazil and see the slums there. Go to South Africa and see how the blacks prefer to live. It's an in-bred culture thing and I choose not to live like that. If it bothers you and you feel so strongly about it then do something about it. I know it's a waste of time and money because the culture will come through time after time. It's what I call “swimming against the tide”. So, just like I can't save all the abused animals out there, I can't save everyone in the world. Your utopia will never happen but you can do something to help if it bothers you so much. Me, I accept everyone for who they are and let them live with their own – preferably far away from me and my own. And I blog to show the double standards and the lies people tell – it's my therapy.

  19. John Knoefler

    To Lime Lite and AnonyMouse, I read all that both of you have to say.
    To Anonymouse, You seem to say over and over that if the White Man would only give blacks a chance, give them money, pay for thier education, etc that the Black Man would finally be able to prosper. Really? Really? You really believe that? Why should the White Man give the Black Man anything at all? What has the Black Man given the White Man? And don't give me your slavery tripe. You were never a slave owner and no white man alive today here in USA ever owned a black slave. In fact if you look at it honestly then by virtue of the White Man being forced to pay for the Black Man's babies via the tax system that is in itself a form of inescapable slavery. I am a working man and have been so all my life. I pay high taxes and recently lost my home. I didn't get angry and hate the black man. I still have dreams and hopes and blame no one for my troubles. I have gone hungry for days at a time after I was laid off while Mexicans took my job after I complained about being called Nazi and Hitler because I am white. I was harrassed out of my job. That's the difference between white and black. A white person will keep working and trying no matter what. Sometimes he succeeds where a black man will resort to drugs, violence, crime and hate and blame the white man.
    As for Lime Lite he is spot on in all that he says. Blacks are far more violent and hateful. If they don't have black people to kill they will kill white people. Is it just thier nature? Or is it culture? I would hate to think it is thier inborn nature and I would prefer to think it is bad culture. But I honestly don't know. I do know that no matter where blacks are the neighborhoods are dirty, noisy, crime ridden, with prostition, drug dealing, blacks roaming around at all hours of the day and night and never working. It's just the way things are. And like any sensible white person I would avoid such an area. The one time I shared an apartment with a black woman a man tried to break in and rob us. I had to warn him off with a shot gun. Even though I knew who the man was by sight and I knew what apartment he lived in the police refused to do a thing. If it had been a white man doing this in a white neighborhood the police would of taken care of it. Why not in a black neighborhood? Why because the the black population would of protested. It would of back fired with me being hurt. I left the same week and spent the rest of the contract sleeping in my van.

  20. I am disgusted and speechless by the ignorance of the article and comments of Lime Lite and Knoefler.

  21. @Anonymous – luckily I don't give a rats ass about how you feel.

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