Netherlands: Looking After Henk and Ingrid

We’re behind you Geert.

The Dutch elections are coming up in June, and Geert Wilders’ party isn’t wimping out. What a difference from American politics! An American politician would be “tacking to the center” at this point in the campaign, going all mealy-mouthed and middle-of-the-road in an attempt to reel in those pesky undecided voters.

But not Geert Wilders. The PVV leader has evidently taken his country’s pulse and determined that it needs a strong dose of anti-multicultural medicine. The party has just released its manifesto, and it’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the European dhimmitude and cultural rot.

Ethnic registration of everyone arrested! Closure of all Islamic schools, ban on new mosques! Ban on the Koran and burqa, introduction of a tax on headscarves!

Oh, yes — and lower taxes, too. That one’s going to be tough, given the current financial mess and the leaden weight of the welfare state. But I hope he can do it.

Here’s the story from Dutch News:

Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ PVV is Ready to Rule on Behalf of Henk and Ingrid

After three years ‘practising in parliament’, the PVV is ready to rule, party leader Geert Wilders said on Friday at the presentation of the party’s manifesto for the June 9 general election.

‘The PVV wants to join in but the party’s influence must be substantial, otherwise there is no point in being in the cabinet,’ Wilders said. ‘The bigger we are, the bigger the chance we end up in government.’

The PVV is doing it for Henk and Ingrid — the average Dutch couple who form the ‘heart and spine of society’ but are being unfairly treated and sidelined by the ‘political elite’, Wilders said.

Main points of the PVV manifesto:

– No more immigration from Islamic countries
– Ethnic registration of everyone arrested
– Deportation of foreigners who commit crimes and strip dual nationals of Dutch nationality
– Closure of all Islamic schools, ban on new mosques
– Ban on the Koran and burqa, introduction of a tax on headscarves
– No more development aid, apart from in emergency situations
– Limit on refugee numbers of 1,000
– No more work permits for Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians
– Fewer civil servants
– No pension age increase
– No change to mortgage tax relief
– No cuts in unemployment benefit and student grants
– No increase in healthcare own risk payment
– 10,000 more police officers and 10,000 more nurses
– Lower taxes



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