Eskom report shows payment woes

Ahhh – Eskom. That bastion of an electricity provider in South Africa. A few years ago (read: during Apartheid) we produced so much excess electricity that we supplied most of Africa with cheap electricity. Nowadays it’s a different story of blackouts and almost monthly increases in tariffs (or so it seems like if you actually pay your account). Electricity is being stolen at an astronomical rate and of course the cost needs to be extracted from the demoralised tax-payers (who are mainly white of course). This wouldn’t be so hard to swallow, until you read what the average monthly salary of an Eskom employee is……R37 515.29 or +/- US$5300.00/pm in a company with 35 173 employees. Now that’s a government job I want (but can’t get due to Affirmative Action (read: blacks only need apply))!

Johannesburg – Evidence of slow decline is evident from the confidential Eskom report the DA’s spokesperson for public enterprises, Pieter van Dalen, disclosed in parliament last week.

The report indicates that 35% of the power that Eskom delivers to households is stolen electricity.

Among other things, it is very clear that Eskom’s distribution division is suffering huge losses in the supply of electricity to households – in other words, electricity that is being stolen.

The average loss is 35% of the electricity supplied over a 12-month period, against a 26% target.

The report states that the high losses in terms of household supply is chiefly because of the accessibility of meters and the theft of electricity. Prepaid meters have been installed in some cases, leading to improvement.

But electricity losses in June 2009 were considerably higher. During that month Eskom supplied 13 082GWh, but was paid for only 10 786GWh, meaning a loss of 2 289GWh.

The problems apparently occurred principally in the central region, Gauteng. June sales in this province were 23GWh down on those of the previous month.

Non-payment of electricity supplied is also a tremendous problem.

In Soweto, for instance, the situation is currently so bad that Eskom is paid for only 26% of the electricity that it delivers to this extensive area.

The Eskom report also contains detailed information on issues like staff numbers and staff expenditure, as well as low productivity.

For instance, it shows that the average salary of an Eskom employee in June 2009, the month dealt with by the report, was R37 515.29 (+/- US$5300.00/pm) – an exceptionally high figure for a company with 35 173 employees.



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  1. Nutty Grandad

    Dear Electricity Consumer,

    Just a little note to let you know we understand your anger in the recent price hike and power cuts throughout the country.

    But it should be noted that you have no choice in this matter so stop complaining please!

    We are a big company and you will pay us what we tell you to – Every month too! You have no choice in this matter once again!

    We have the power, you need the power.

    So sad, too bad. Sucks to be you hey?

    Have a nice day and keep those cheques coming, – loser!



  2. I can't believe the monthly salary. That is staggering.

  3. And now we know why they asked for a 35% increase. So,those who don't pay, don't have to pay and we(the paying few) subsidise them. They are all a bunch of thieves and that includes ESKOM !!

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