Sweden Protests the South African Boer Genocide

This video clip brought a lump to my throat. 20 years ago we watched these types of  international protests against the Apartheid government – undeserved, and mostly inaccurate- but we had to stand by and watch the international media condemn us as being the vilest of racists. Today, the shoe is very much on the other foot and the truth of what the blacks, whites and other minorities in South Africa have to endure on a daily basis is making its way via bloggers to the outside world. Now people are starting to understand what Apartheid was all about – separate development to preserve the peace between all the people and tribes in South Africa. Now that Apartheid has fallen, the country has the highest murder and rape statistics in the world. People are tortured and murdered for nothing – human life means less than the sand under your shoe – unless you’re a witchdoctor and need the “hacked off whilst still alive body parts”. The MSM don’t have the guts or integrity to report on this sad state of affairs in the once prosperous South Africa. They have blood on their hands…..as does the international community who interfered where they weren’t needed.

From ILUVSA blogspot:
Admittedly, it was a small demonstration, but there was a similar demonstration in Russia; and more importantly, the world is getting to hear about what is happening. The video is very well put together, and has an emotional resonance.



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  1. Thanks to these protesters for supporting us. It helps.

  2. I just want to say thank you to them as well. How ironic that our own brothers and sisters in SA can't (or wont') even do do that.

  3. Thanks to the bloggers, this is probably 99% due to your efforts.
    Remember when Mbeki attacked the SA expats for causing negative sentiments regarding the country.
    well….The truth hurts…..
    The movement for people around the globe to be more realistic about race is gaining huge momentum. It is already too big to stop allready.The age of truth is dawning.

  4. What would happen if White SA Boers came to Aust as Boat People???
    We must do something to prevent the genocide !!
    johnsonkeith99@gmail.com May 4 2010

  5. bunch of fools

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