Brave Boef saves cop

I’ve decided to find some positive news from South Africa for a change. This is the best I can do. Go Boef!

By the way, the one year old baby girl victim of a vicious assault, Marzaan Kruger, who sustained multiple skull fractures, a large wound above her right eye and several other wounds to her body is still in a serious but stable condition in hospital. The two black Mozambican suspects (one built like a body builder ) are in custody and will face court soon. Ok, that was all the good news for today.

This is obviously not Boef, but you get the idea
Pretoria – Boef, a police dog from the Pretoria K9 task team, saved the life of his handler, Constable Blacky Swart, when one of three robbers aimed a firearm at the policeman during a robbery at Highveld Techno Park in Centurion.

“Boef undoubtedly saved Blacky’s life, because he grabbed the robber’s hand just as he was about to pull the trigger,” says police spokesperson Colette Weilbach.

The robber, who was wounded shortly before by another police official from the Lyttleton police station, was arrested but died of his wounds on the way to the hospital.

The rest of the robbers, who robbed the African NDT Centre of about R500 000 worth of computers and equipment, managed to escape.

Last Wednesday there was a break-in at the same centre – where industrial equipment is tested – and there is a strong suspicion that it was the same group of robbers who returned on Monday morning at about 05:30.

Weilbach says officials in a patrol vehicle from the Lyttleton police station became suspicious when they noticed movement at the back of the centre.

“One of the officials went to investigate and saw a man with a firearm coming around the corner.”

The robber aimed his firearm at the police official, who then fired several shots at the robber, hitting him in the left hand and twice in the left leg.

The police official called in reinforcements and members of the K9 task team, including Swart and Boef, arrived shortly thereafter.

“Blacky and Boef saw where the robbers had broken through the palisade fence and went through the opening to follow them,” said Weilbach.

“What Blacky didn’t know was that the wounded robber was hiding a few metres behind the fence.

“When Blacky’s flashlight shone on him, the robber was already pointing a firearm at him – but that’s when Boef grabbed him.”

Weilbach said the police seized breaking-in tools including a screw driver, a chisel and a torch, as well as the robber’s 9mm pistol.

During last week’s break-in the robbers stole three computers from this centre.

“We haven’t even finalised the insurance claim for the first robbery. It’s infuriating,” said Hennie Fourie, manager of the centre.

“They obviously knew we had to replace the stolen computers immediately – so they came back to steal the new ones too.”



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    Chanel Swart.

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