Obama Abandons Climate Bill in Congress, will have EPA Regulate CO2 Instead

Oh Oh….Just when we thought that Obama had taken a sabatical on ruining America comes the wonderful news that he’s planning to use the EPA to bypass congressional approval to regulate all energy use in America. So, America, please remember to get your Clean Air Act permits in January 2011 – you wouldn’t want to break the law!

The recent announcement of the Democrat’s switch of focus from Cap and Trade energy legislation to immigration reform is simply an administrative slight of hand.

Barack Obama and the rest of his co-conspirators in Washington including Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid know full well that a hard fought political battle in Congress over an energy bill was unnecessary. Instead they have given the EPA their blessing to unilaterally determine CO2 limits for the nation.

According to EPA press releases on March 29 and April 1 the “final determination” that CO2 is a greenhouse gas has been made and stationary source emitters including power plants, factories and eventually most family homes “will be required to get Clean Air Act permits that cover greenhouse gases” starting January 2011.

Democrats in Congress made the cynical calculation that there was no need to absorb the inevitable public backlash due to higher electricity and gasoline prices, when they could let EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson do their dirty work for them.

Administrator Jackson is now one of the most powerful bureaucrats in Washington. She is the ultimate authority who will determine what each and every one of us pays for energy, a product even more ubiquitous than healthcare. Her decisions will mean the difference between prosperity or poverty for millions of Americans.

All without a single vote in Congress.

Democrats have shown a brazen willingness to exceed their constitutional authority to pass freedom-killing legislation in opposition to public opinion. First they used the reconciliation process to ram ObamaCare down the nation’s throat, already an unmitigated disaster as a continual stream of bad press regarding the program’s true costs are made public, and now Democrats are going to skip Congress altogether for energy reform.

Only the election of a Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives this November will have the power to stop the EPA from regulating energy use and repeal ObamaCare, both of which will be necessary to ensure the continued prosperity of America.

If Democrats are not voted out of office en masse, trillion dollar deficits year after year and control of vital national resources including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and banking by centralized government authority (communism) will inevitably lead to economic collapse.

The consequences of which are simply too terrible to imagine.



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