Puerto Rico 51st State?

I don’t know much about the implications other than what is summarised in the article. But, I thought my American readers may need to know about this, seeing as Congress is trying to pass this bill hush hush…shhhhh. See, that’s what “open and transparent” government is all about!

 Last night (Tuesday) on his TV show, Glenn Beck dropped another bombshell — on Thursday, Congress will take up a bill to make Puerto Rico a state. Why is our Congress doing this now? Secretly? Quickly? If it hadn’t been for one of Beck’s “Refounders” (a Congressional insider), would we even know about this? Why is this important to you and me?

Well, the word is out, and my local 9-12/Tea party organization sent this out this morning. First thing to hit my mailbox, in fact…

There is a bill to make Puerto Rico a state. Again, they are trying to pull one over on us and on Puerto Ricans, who have consistently said they do not want to become a state. Read below for more information (from Eagle Forum). This was also discussed by Rep Tom Price on a conference call yesterday.

Please consider this:
* The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, “Puerto Rican statehood,” analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.

* It would bring immediate demands for massive federal spending. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest state, and infrastructure and the environment are far below American standards. Puerto Rico has a population with a median national income of $17,741, nearly a third of that for the U.S.

* Puerto Rico is already a democracy. Despite the bill’s deceptive title, Puerto Rico already has an elected government and exists as a self-governed commonwealth of the U.S.

* Statehood would give Puerto Rico more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states! It would inevitably give Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House.

H.R. 2499 is stealth legislation designed to lead to the admission of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico as the 51st state, thereby making us a de facto bilingual nation, like Canada. The U.S. Congress should not be forcing Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood, especially since the Puerto Rican people have rejected statehood three times since 1991!

No Member of Congress who describes himself as a limited government, fiscal conservative should be casting a YEA vote for H.R. 2499, as Puerto Rican statehood would cause an immediate increase in federal expenditures, particularly for taxpayer-funded welfare state services.

Sponsored by Puerto Rican delegate Pedro Pierluisi (D), the Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499) – which has reared its ugly head a number of times over the past few congresses but has yet to have any success – would require Puerto Ricans to hold a national referendum to decide if they want Puerto Rico to remain a self-governing U.S. commonwealth, or become the 51st state.

The referendum would be set up as two plebiscites which would effectively deceive Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood. In the first round of votes, the Puerto Rican people would be given the choice between remaining a U.S. territory and “pursuing a different political status.” If the majority votes to maintain the status quo, this bill would require that Puerto Rico vote on this same issue every eight years.

If the majority votes for “different status,” a second round of votes would be held where Puerto Ricans would choose either statehood or independence-the status quo of “U.S. territory” would not even be an option! In other words, the two ballots would be rigged to favor the outcome of statehood, overriding the wishes of Americans and Puerto Ricans who want to maintain the current commonwealth status.



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  1. The sure cure for your PR Statehood fears, is to eliminate any possible future legislation that is skewed towards statehood similar to this past attempt. As you have noted, this kind of stuff pops up frequently. But I'll let you in a dirty little secret:This is the ugly truth: ” PR statehood party, knows they have “ABSOLUTELY” no chance of getting statehood for PR thru Congress. This much has been stated, and restated by US Supreme court decisions and the Presidential Task Force Report on Puerto Rico.

    Why do they try?

    Because in the eyes of the pro-statehood voters, they make themselves look like brave heroes, trying to advance statehood in spite of the “racists” that block them. That is why they always include in any attempted legislation the “Statehood” poison pill. They know dammed well that it will not pass, but they can claim credit. Win-Win for them.

    The solution? Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States (as stated by Congress (In pretty wording of course. US Territory is just a PC way of calling a colony something more palatable to the World), US Supreme Court rulings and the Presidential Task Force on Puerto Rico.

    Just give us or freedom. End colonial rule on Puerto Rico by granting it independence. The President doesn't have to do it. A simple vote in Congress will suffice, as stipulated by the Constitution.

    Otherwise, as long as we are a colony, the possibility that one day the US Citizens of Puerto Rico will succeed in making PR a state, will always be there.

    Oh..BTW, the pro statehood voters now outnumber the colonials. Better make your minds fast “amigos”. LOL

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