Belgian bid to ban ‘racist’ Tintin in the Congo

Blow me another one! Tintin is now racist! Is nothing sacred anymore?Why don’t the Congolese write their own comic books and poke fun at white people? I wouldn’t mind or get offended or read it for that matter. Who is he to live in someone else’s country and tell them what books they can read or what warnings they should carry? Is he for real? And shame on us for allowing it.

A Congolese man living in Belgium is trying to get a controversial Tintin book banned in the cartoon star’s home country of Belgium

The ginger sleuth’s “little (black) helper” in Tintin in the Congo is seen as “stupid and without qualities,” Bienvenu Mbutu, is quoted as saying. “It makes people think that blacks have not evolved,” said Mbutu, who has been campaigning for years to have the book removed from Belgian shops.

A court was to rule on whether the book can be sold in Belgium and, if so, whether it should carry a warning. Although it was scheduled for Wednesday, the verdict has been delayed and is now expected on May 5.

The book has already attracted much criticism for its crude racial stereotypes. Three years ago, the U.K.’s Commission for Racial Equality called for the book to be banned, saying it contained imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice.

A black woman is featured in the book bowing before Tintin and exclaiming: “White man very great. White mister is big juju man!” Written in the late 1920s, it was the second Tintin adventure created by Herge, who later said it was a youthful sin that reflected the prejudices of the time.

A scene in Tintin in the Congo in which the eponymous hero gave a geography lesson to Africans about Belgium was later changed to a math class. Now U.K. editions are generally found alongside more adult books and are sold with a band of paper around the outside, warning the content is offensive.

While Mbutu has asked for the book to be banned, he has said he would be satisfied if it was sold with a warning like the one used in Britain, said the BBC’s Dominic Hughes in Brussels.



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  1. Wow. nothing to say really is there?
    Ban the Bible for its anti-Canaanite racism?
    Shakespeare's Othello and the Merchant of Venice?

    Come to think of it, the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III in the British museum is pretty stereotypish too….

  2. @ Viking – I grew up reading Tintin and I was so upset to read this load of rubbish. If I remember correctly, the black boy in the story was quite cute and opposite of the reality. If I was the Congolese gentleman I would rather say thanks for the inaccurate depiction.

  3. The court should just get it over with and ban whites while they are at it.Then the Congolese can take over Belgium and see how well a straw hut works in European winter.
    I am really sorry to say this but the white race all over the world is losing sanity in the attempt to ben over BLACWARDS.

  4. I also grew up reading Tintin and anyone who thinks Tintin is racist should read the Tintin book The Red Sea Sharks.

  5. I love Tintin but I can certainly see why many would call it racist. It usually indignant whites, by the way, who insist that they can't possibly be racist. The comments from Lime Lite, Viking, and Anonymous all sound to me like they come from racists. Note how indignant they are that someone is (within the law, even!) trying to do something with which they disagree. This is especially true of Anonymous, who warns that, if we ban or place a warning on a book, the next step will be a Congolese take-over of Belgium! It is to laugh!

    By the way, I appreciate Mr Mister's comment about the Red Sea Sharks and the struggle over human trafficking. Herge was a sensitive person who always wanted to do good in the world. Nevertheless, there is plenty of racism in Tintin. Not the sleazy, smelly kind of the commenters above, but the kind society deeply plants in people that make them assume that whites are more industrious or more inventive and that, as such, they carry a burden to save the rest of the world. Tintin never features a little black boy coming to Europe to save it. No, only a Belgian superboy can do it and he understands the problems of every country he visits. That kind of racism is easy to perpetuate because it can lull good-hearted people like Herge into it.

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