Italy: Adoptive parents ‘can’t specify child’s race’

Ok – now I’ve heard it all. See, Italy has decided that it’s racist to specify the race of the baby you’d like to adopt. You aren’t allowed to prefer a child from your own race – it’s racist. I wonder if it would also be considered racist should a black couple prefer to adopt a black baby? Let’s see how the rate of adoption drops in Italy in the near future….

Rome – Italian couples, who are seeking to adopt a child, are guilty of racism if they reject black or non-European children, the prosecutor at Italy’s highest court claimed on Wednesday. The prosecutor backed a court petition by Italy’s Friends of Children association of adoptive and foster parents (AIBI).

The Court of Cassation’s prosecutor agreed with AIBI’s petition that a previous ruling by a court in Catania was racist because it allowed a couple who did not want black or non-European children to adopt a child.

He said it breached the Italian constitution and international human rights law.

“Mercenary” interests such as those of the unidentified couple should “disqualify them from being parents,” AIBI said in its petition.

The petition is expected to be considered by judges from all sections of the Court of Cassation. The high court’s rulings almost invariably follow the prosecutor’s recommendations.

“The Catania court’s ruling is at odds with Italian adoption law and legislation protecting children. It is illegitimate because it flouts international conventions outlawing all forms of racial discrimination,” AIBI president Marco Griffini wrote in the petition to the court.

“The court should uphold the rights of children to grow up and be educated in a family environment without being discriminated against on grounds of sex, ethnic and linguistic identity and in full respect for their cultural identity.”

If the court rules in favour of the AIBI’s petition, lower Italian courts will no longer be able to allow such ‘racist’ couples to adopt.



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  1. If we can be told whom we may or may not adopt, the logic follows that we can be told whom we must marry and procreate with.

    Of course, these rules do not apply to the anointed. Just apply to us peons.

  2. @Harvey – yes, I'm sure that's going to be coming to the white race soon. Anything to destroy us as a race. The problem is that we are just going along with it. We really need to wipe the smoke out of our eyes and toughen up as a race. We feel guilty about everything!

  3. No freedom now?

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