More Blacks Than Whites Want To Flee SA

No guys – you get to stay in South Africa and support the government you and your parents voted for. Now that the country is in ruins you want to run away and sponge off the next country that will have and support you? What happened to “Africa for Africans”? Stay there and correct your mistakes – stop blaming everyone for the mess your people have made. They caused this now live with it!

A new poll shows that 42% of Black South African youth want to leave the country as soon as they can, while 33% of White and Indian teens want to go.

Those who wanted to leave South Africa all agreed on their reasoning: 73% said the ANC-led government was not living up its promises, 71% said it was impossible to find work, and 58% cited crime as their reason for wanting to leave.

In reporting on the stunning survey, the Sunday Times quoted 14-year-old Zakithi Mshololo as saying that South Africa is going “down the drain” and she has no intention of going down with it.

The BratTrax study surveyed 900 youths ranging in age from 7 to 15 years and was conducted by Youth Dynamics.



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  1. No need to worry , I am sure tthey will all head for Zimbabwe, Nigeria ….certainly not “white” countries with racist whites that want to abuse their human rights.

  2. @Anon – I'm sure you're right! Yes, nothing to worry about afterall.

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