Rush: Maybe Obama’s an Illegal Alien Himself

Oooh goodie – things are hotting up in America. We have states rushing to follow Arizona’s example of identifying illegals and now we have more and more conservatives getting brave nd starting to question Obama’s true nationality. Mr Obama – just show us your papers and we’ll leave you alone…otherwise be prepared to be poked and prodded about this for a while.

Is Rush Limbaugh a birther? It sure sounded that way to Mediaite during his rant yesterday about illegal immigration. Rush was obsessing over a recent Obama statement condemning Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, in which the president worried that “if you don’t have your papers…you’re gonna be harassed.”

To Rush, the use of the word “papers” rather than, say, “documentation” was a deliberate attempt to evoke Nazi Germany. “I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers,” Rush bellowed. “Maybe he’s afraid someone is going to ask him for his!”



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  1. obama does not like azb ill 1070 because guess who does not have papers.

  2. The only reason to spend a million dollars to hide your birth certificate is if there is a reason to do so. So either he is not a US born citizen (hence a traitor/committed treason) or there is another reason.

    I tend to think the other reason that was posted in an African news paper when he was running for President. I have tried to find the article again but it has been removed. It said his family were one of the head families in Northern Africa that was in charge of the slave trade. Northern Africans would buy captured tribal members from rival tribes. They would then sell them to mostly Portuguese traders who would sell them in the slave markets of Northern Africa. So his family profited from the buying and selling of African tribesman to the US ultimately. It was 100s of years ago but like the Kennedy's of today their money came from a practice we now look down upon.

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