South Africa: Cosas Gauteng wants Afrikaans schools shut

These clowns are demanding that Afrikaans schools be closed down because they are “racist and non-indigenous”.  Hey, Cosas – when your black youth can match the academic achievement of the hard-working white, Afrikaaner youth then you can come and make demands. Your people are an embarrassment to Africa – even though you’ve been given every leg-up you still want what the whites have – because, despite all the odds and obstacles you put in their way, they still continue to achieve. Why don’t you stick to doing what you’re good at – burning down schools and libraries and protesting? I can guarantee you, that if the white Afrikaans kids didn’t have classrooms and had to learn under trees, they’d still kick your butt!

The Congress of SA Students (Cosas) on Friday called for the closure of Afrikaans medium schools.

Cosas condemns any racial tendencies that seeks to close doors of learning for the black African students, who are indigenous people of this country and Africa at large by having foreign, unoriginal Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in some racist schools, more especially in the West Rand region under racist Afrikaners management,” a statement from Gauteng provincial secretary Oagile Louw said.

“We therefore call… for the immediate closure of such schools.”

The call was reminiscent of events that led up to the June 16 1976 clashes between pupils and police in Soweto. These, and the subsequent shootings of a number of schoolchildren, came during a march in protest against Afrikaans being used as a language of instruction at schools.

Quality education

Cosas also threatened to drive “disruptive” SA Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) members off school premises saying they are not committed to offering quality education.

Cosas urged Sadtu leadership to “stop forming part of the furniture in their fancy offices” and to call their members to order.

Cosas sent good wishes to students preparing for the mid-year exams, saying they must stay away from fast food to maintain a healthy state of mind, use study groups and – even during the Soccer World Cup – must gather together in the spirit of the Cosas motto: “Each one Teach one.”

Cosas also sent a message of support to ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, during his “difficult and trying times”.

Malema’s diary on Monday included a reported disciplinary hearing and an Equality Court complaint related to some of his public comments.



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  1. My kids goes to an all Afrikaans school, they do pretty well in international competitions, recently they came fith in english and second in maths even beating the Australians.

    Thats why they want to eliminate them because they hate the fact that the Afrikaners can still run a great school while all other govenment schools are collapsing.
    The school is beautifull and maintained mostly by the parents.The children are happy and well behaved and there is no violence in the school at all.

    Not even the governments poor funding and constant attacks affect them.

    This is really the cause of it all as they hate the fact that other english schools with much more funding still turn out violent and not performing that well.

    The Afrikaners are STUPID RACISTS remember!!!!!

  2. Reality check: European/European-descended cultures innately place a very high premium on educating their young. Hence, white cultures will always astronomically outperform black cultures which don't have this value. Here in the States, small (white) private schools, which squeak by on fund-raisers and bake sales, consistently outperform (majority-black) federally funded public schools. (Read: BILLION$.)
    An axiom commonly quoted in the South speaks volumes: “Reading is learned in a mother's lap.” I dare say that most black children enter school not even knowing how to hold a book. Is it any wonder, then, that black children will never stack up against the children of a culture which has been taught to cherish learning?

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