South Africa: Malema pulls out race card again

This is classic from the ANC “Youth” league president, Mini Amin Julius Malema. Seems that he’s upset because white people are obsessed about getting attacked or robbed! I mean, fancy that! Why on earth would we be obsessed about such minor issues – what with living in such a crime-free country? Oh, and by the way Mr Malema – we aren’t obsessed with that – we’re more obsessed about possibly being violated, assaulted and then hacked to pieces or shot for nothing. For the international readers out there – the drivel this youth leader spouts is a taste of the stupidity we have to deal with on a daily basis. Do you feel sorry for us yet? My comments in brackets – I just couldn’t keep quiet on this one.

Bloemfontein – Do not be afraid to confront issues of race, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema told Free State students on Friday.

“It is a most sensitive issue; while you speak against it you are declared a racist. If you are not strong, you will retreat,” he said in Bloemfontein.

Malema was speaking at the University of the Free State during the launch by the SA Students’ Congress of a “Right to Learn Campaign”.

He said “those who have oppressed us”, should be pressed to show remorse and accept that Africans are ruling the country.

“They have rejected” olive branches extended by former president Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma. (Please give us examples of these olive branches – I think they’re still on the tree)

“They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,” Malema said. (No thanks – we don’t want to sit with 50 000 blacks in a stadium where your chances of being raped and murdered are 99.9% – we’d rather stay at home and count our blessings for surviving another day in the Rainbow nation)

“… They do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.” (No comment necessary)

‘White males still control economy’

Malema said white people had been taught from an early age that a black person could never be trusted, that “a black person has a potential of being a criminal, a black person has a potential of being a murderer”. (Just about the only thing that makes sense here)

Malema said the ANC had fought for a non-racial society and was building a non-racial society. (HA HA HA – damn, now I’ve wet my pants)

However, he said this would not be reached if national questions such as race, gender or class were not addressed. (How many more times would you like to address this??)

Malema said South Africa’s freedom was useless while the country’s economic power was still in the hands of white males. (How about the economy that is in the black hands – don’t you have a couple of million in your bank account while your fellow blacks starve?)

“There is nothing transformed in the economy of South Africa and for as long as we don’t take a radical position to the transformation of the economy it will forever be dominated by white males.” (Ag shame – would you like a tissue?)

Free education

Malema said there were usually no problems with debates such as gender issues and about whether the working class should be the ruling class.

However, when the alliance wanted to fight the monopoly of white capital in society, it was branded racist. (Pssssst Jules –  it’s the OTHER way around)

Malema told the students the government would never be able to supply free education only through collecting taxes. (Isn’t this what you promised your black masses years ago? Just what did happen to the white tax money??)

“We need extra income. Where is this? It is beneath the soil of South Africa – that is where we can get the money,” he said. (Yes, we the government and youth league have stolen all the tax money we could and now we need the money from the mines. We will target all the mines in black racist white hands first)


Malema said the government would like to guarantee the ownership of the country’s minerals for the people of this country. (Pull the other one. Correct interpretation: we want it all for ourselves and screw the poor)

The government would be prepared to go into partnership with the private sector in the mining sector, but government must hold the majority share. (Yes, we want what Mugabe has – he is our hero)

The ANC youth leader said the working class should be able to indicate what they wanted government to do with the money made from mines. (Well, seeing as you don’t work or pay taxes, please stop making decisions for us!)

“That way we know there is public participation in the process,” Malema said.

“We do not pay tax, because we are government but Anglo Platinum must still pay tax after declaring dividends with us,” he said to huge cheers from the group. (I speak with fork tongue – please explain why you don’t pay tax?)

Turning to the event itself, Malema echoed local student leaders’ unhappiness that the meetings were held at the university’s Rag Farm, removed from the central part of the campus, blaming the university’s white Afrikaner management. (Give it a rest you tool – the University has a non-white Rector!)

“There is an evil spirit at the UFS. The evil spirit must be confronted, that evil spirit is deep-rooted at the university and that is racism,” he said. (Ok, now I give up. Whoooooo, evil spirit please take Mr Malema far away and please don’t let him come back until he’s grown up into a real man and his testicles have dropped)


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  1. Sorry, have to disagree with you here regarding the spirits taking him away until he is grown up.
    I say, kill the kaffir for he is a savage that corrupts stupid minds.

  2. @ Birdman – I was trying to be diplomatic and not promote violence…

  3. The Jews refused to support the Nazi regime, those Jews are real racist.
    Why on earth were they unhappy when their families were killed, bloody racists!
    Why didnt they attend Nazi party meeting,the bloody racist didn,t want to cooperate ?

  4. Lol, I did enjoy reading this. Malema's mind is just so warped that one cannot refain from laughing whenever he opens his mouth. For white South Africans he truly is a blessing in disguise.

    I always have to check the date when I read Malema drivel just to make sure it ain't another Aprils fool joke.

    Thanks for a good laugh.


  5. @Anon 21:57 – I think you're commenting on the wrong blog. Where are Jews mentioned here? Please find an anti-Jew blog as this isn't one of them.

  6. Malema is getting resistance from within the ANC now. He's gone too far. Let's see if the disciplinary hearing goes anywhere tomorrow.

  7. FishEagle,

    Don't count on it. Sorry to be such a pessimist, but experience here in the States has proven that the black population will support the black politician, REGARDLESS. Just Google Washington DC's Marion Barry, Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick, just to name two. Irrespective of outrageous criminal behavior, mind-numbing blatant stupidity, WHATEVER… black blood will support black blood.

  8. @ Joe – the black South African (and dare I say majority of the black race) will blindly follow their fellow black man. It's all about race and tribal for them and for us it's about thinking with our brain cells and making our own mind up. Thank goodness the USA constitution only allows an 8 year term for the President otherwise you'll never get rid of the anointed one (although I'm sure Obummer will try to change that law too).

  9. LL I was sarcastis, meaning that Malema calls for boer extermination but wants to know why they are not participating.
    Malema is like a nazi blaming the jews (whites) for not participating in their own destruction.
    I was comparing Malema to Hitler.
    So I wasn't jew bashing

  10. @Anon – ok, my bad. You need to leave me crumbs to follow when you put those types of comments out there otherwise I don't understand what you're trying to say…

  11. My point is also that Malema is a joke, but a DANGEROUS joke.We should not underestimate him.

  12. @ Joe. I've come to the same conclusion. But Melema's managed to defy almost every single one of the top ANC officials, even publicly degrading one or two. That would be the reason that he may be made to face some real consequences by the ANC. Not because he lashed out at some whitey journalist during a press conference or incited violence with his “kill the boer” struggle song.

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