Pensioner’s red, white, and blue anti-MP election protest poster is branded ‘racist’ by police

Please make sure that your Grandpa isn’t putting up racist signs or the police will come a’knocking. This sign below was branded racist by police as it had words written in red and blue on a white background and therefore showed racist connotations!! I don’t know why they didn’t arrest him and pull his fingernails out! I mean, heck, this is blatant racism and needs to be stopped!!! Thank goodness my family doesn’t live near this demented individual…

A pensioner who put up a red, white and blue election poster telling voters to kick out MPs was accused of racism by police.

After being inundated by canvassing politcians, Roy Newman, 74, decided to tell other voters: ‘GET THE LOT OUT.’

But 90 minutes after he put up the homemade sign up in an upstairs room at his house, two police officers arrived and threatened with arrest.

They said the Union Jack-coloured lettering on a white background could be considered ‘racist’.

He was told there had been a single complaint and he was ordered to remove it or change it otherwise he would end up in court .

But the former Tory councillor, from North Anston, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said police had misunderstood his message.

He said : ‘My sign is up there because the MPs and council leadership we have in place at the moment are a load of rubbish and I want them out, nothing more.

‘The police told me that due to the fact that the words were written in red and blue and the background was white, my sign had racist connotations.

‘What a load or rubbish – it certainly wasn’t my intention to come across as racist. I’m not racist.’

And the furious pensioner , chairman of his local history society and a former Samaritan , slammed police for wasting their time.

He said : ‘Three years ago vandals put a brick through my window and when I called the police all they offered me was a crime reference number.

Put up a poster and a police car with two uniformed officers arrives quick as a flash – it’s unbelievable.’

In the end, under protest Roy altered the colour of some letters to yellow, but refused to change the words.

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said : ‘Officers responded to a call from a complainant who had seen the sign and interpreted it as being racist.

‘Given this sign was displayed publicly and seemed to be causing offence we did see fit to attend the address.

‘Officers spoke to Mr Newman and were told that his words referred to councillors and MPs. WE advised him that the wording could be changed to make that fact more clear.

‘Following the officers’ visit the complainant was contacted by us and the meaning of the sign was explained . They said that they were no longer offended and were happy to let the matter rest.

‘It is unlikely that any further action will be taken.’



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  1. At the risk of flaunting my ignorance here – what am I missing? What do the colours red and blue have to do with races? Alternatively, why is yellow considered 'neutral'?

  2. A lot of people blame politicians for selling out their fellow countrymen or for not following the will of the people that elected them. But at the end of the day it was probably just an average guy (or gal) that reported this incident to the police. To an outsider it looks as if whites in Europe are scrambling around, busting their asses, to score brownie points with a pc brigade. How does that work? Unless they're just trying to portray themselves as being elite and above the worries of race issues, which may be perceived to be lower class issues.

  3. @FE – I suppose it's the Union Jack colors and therefore patriotic and deemed racist? Who knows how these wack-jobs think. Everyone seems to be super sensitive to read signs where there aren't.

  4. @ Lime Lite. I was hoping it wouldn't be that answer. That's just too bizarre for words. And the police rocked up at the house for such trivialty, no less.

  5. P.S. Then I'd rather stay in South Africa.

  6. Well, I'd definitely not go to the UK at the moment. Not until they've sorted their immigration problem out…

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