Businesses Vandalized During Santa Cruz Immigration March

I’m pretty sure not many people have heard about the “peaceful” demonstrations that were held around the US against the new Arizona Illegal Aliens law. Turns out they weren’t that peaceful and apparently the MSM were too busy to report on them. But, never fear for I have reported on it on their behalf – no need to thank me.  Damage is estimated to be at least $100 000. Where is Nancy Pelosi’s outrage now? She was cowering in fear because of the racist, violent Tea Party rallies, but now there’s just the sound of silence from her. Nancy! Look – these peaceful people are comparing people to Nazi’s and are calling for more of your law enforcement officers to be killed! Quick, where’s the SWAT??

The loony left never let us down with their cowardice.

Hat tip to Michael for supplying the photo links

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A 24-year-old man was arrested and police were seeking other suspects who are believed to have vandalized more than a dozen businesses in Santa Cruz Saturday night during a march by apparent anarchists.

At about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to reports of a large group of people walking along Pacific Avenue and causing damage to businesses along the street.

Many people in the group were carrying makeshift torches, and some broke storefront windows and wrote anarchist graffiti on buildings, police said.

At least 15 businesses sustained damage from the vandalism. Many businesses had multiple windows broken, including large storefront windows, according to police.

Santa Cruz police called for aid from all other law enforcement agencies in Santa Cruz County.

Some of the responding officers from the Watsonville Police Department, spotted 24-year-old Jimi Haynes, a transient from Fresno County, who was allegedly breaking windows at Dell Williams Jewelers, a store at 1320 Pacific Ave., police said.

Haynes was arrested shortly afterward, and discovered to be on parole out of Fresno County for burglary. He admitted to participating in the rally after receiving a flyer at a nearby cafe frequented by anarchists, according to police.

Haynes was booked into Santa Cruz County jail on suspicion of felony vandalism and parole violation, police said.

After order was restored in the area, investigators worked overnight to collect evidence and document the extent of the damage to the various businesses.

Authorities guarded exposed storefronts and arranged for private security companies to watch the businesses until windows could be boarded and employees from the businesses could be contacted, according to police.

Authorities were still working Sunday to identify and arrest additional people involved in the march and subsequent vandalism.

Santa Cruz police were encouraging anyone with information about the march, including photos or video footage, to contact police.



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