Who wants to irritate a liberal??

Me! Me! Well, here’s your chance. If you have a bit of free time, read below and help irritate the libs. Consider it your contribution to the cause. Oh, and, spread the word…

Here’s the situation: liberal moonbats dominate the Politics sub-reddit on Reddit. They gang up on right-leaning posters and enforce a taboo on politically incorrect content. They systematically down vote conservatives, libertarians, and racialists regardless of the quality of their links and comments. The other side of the coin is that they up vote the most retarded liberal nonsense. So the Politics section ends up being kind of like a sewer: their shit floats on top of higher quality political news and analysis.

They’re not supposed to do this. It is a violation of Reddiquette. You’re not supposed to down vote links and comments solely because you disagree with them. The quality of the link or comment is supposed to be what matters. If it is a good piece of analysis from a conservative perspective, you should up vote the story even if you are a liberal, and vice versa. This ideal of fairness (which I happen to agree with) doesn’t work in practice. Reddit is dominated by liberal anti-racist ideologues bent on forcing their views on others.

Let’s slap some sense into these people.

1.) Go to Reddit.com

2.) Look at the top right side of the screen. Register an account. This only takes a few seconds.

3.) Look at the bar that runs on the top of the screen. Click on “Politics.” That takes you to the Politics sub-reddit.

4.) Search for posts that concern us. Start with the most recent ones about White Nationalism. Here are the direct links:

White Nationalist Calls for Systematic Discourse Poisoning

Racists Discuss How To Gain Influence on Reddit

5.) There should be little up and down arrows besides the original story and the comments in each thread.

6.) Click the down arrow on every annoying liberal, anti-White comment.

7.) Click the up arrow on every good comment. These are often buried below the threshold.

8.) Leave your own pro-White comments, participate in the discussions, post your own threads to the Politics, New Right, and WhiteRights sub-reddits.

9.) Keep doing this until the anti-Whites on Reddit are forced to play by the rules.

10.) I spend thirty minutes to an hour every day doing this. It is a productive way to waste time.

11.) Spread the word on Facebook.

12.) Post about it on your own blog. Start threads about this on popular WN discussion groups.

White Nationalists always say they want to “do something.” Well, here’s your chance. This could not be easier. It takes only a few minutes. It can be done anonymously. It doesn’t require you to spend any money. Did I mention it is fun?

Most threads and comments only get a few up and down votes. There are thousands of White Nationalists on the internet. Liberals on Reddit drastically underestimate our numbers. The pro-White community is one of the largest social groups on the internet. If we were ever inclined to do so, we could upset the balance of power and eliminate the leftist bias over there.



About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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