Mestizos students stage walkout at High School to protest American flag!

Hey America! The Mexicans only want you to respect their heritage – what’s the problem with you? And just to prove how much they love America, they flew your flag upside down with their flag flying on top!

Mestizo students at this High School in Montebello, California raised a Mexican flag on the school’s flagpole and turned the US flag upside down.

Hispanic students at Live Oak High were egged on by their school administrators to stage an anti-American flag demonstration during school hours. Earlier in the week five white students were disciplined for wearing American flag t-shirts to school!

From Morgan Hill Times…
About 200 Hispanic teens are marching in Morgan Hill yelling “We want respect!” and “Si se puede!” in reaction to a controversy ignited when the Live Oak High School principal effectively sent four students home for wearing T-shirts with American flags on them during Cinco de Mayo.

Mexican-American students felt the students were being disrespectful on the only day they celebrate their heritage while students sporting red, white and blue said it violated their First Amendment rights.

Six police cars and a Morgan Hill motorcycle officer have been cruising alongside the large group as it marches.

The group – mostly high school students – walked out of school this morning after the story of four students who were sent home because they wore American flag T-shirts went viral on TV and online. Many wear red, white and green and two large Mexico flags can be seen at the front of the line.

The students say they want people to know they’re proud of their heritage and they believe wearing red, white and blue on Cinco de Mayo is disrespectful.



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  1. Disrespectful? (LMAO) Shortsighted ethnocentric brats should exhibit the same tolerance they expect from me !!! So if that day is for them? Do the Irish get a day, what about the Arabs, and the Canadians will want a day too ehhh? Do you see where the shallow, victim mentality way of thinking leads? It's thinking like that “undermines the basic notions of fairness” I keep hearing about lately. How about rather than expect special treatment for a specific group we all get to be free every day of the year? It's people thinking like that that divide this country. DEMAND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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