Australia: Budget spending targets radicals

Oh – so NOW Labour is concerned about the spread of radical Islam in Australia. Amazing that it coincides with an election year….How many radicals have arrived via boat in the last 2 years? These “refugees” arrive with no identification and get a free-pass into the country, on the back of the tax payers (it costs approximately $80 000 to process one refugee). I hope Australia doesn’t pay for their compassion (noble but stupid) in the future!

Millions of dollars will be spent trying to halt the spread of radical Islam as part of a big-spending Federal Budget package to bolster national security.

Tuesday’s election-year Budget will include hundreds of millions of dollars for national security as Labor tackles concerns it has gone soft on border protection following the flood of asylum seekers in recent months, News Ltd says.

The government will announce “preventative” measures to counter the growth of radical terrorist cells across Australia.

While the government will be careful not to demonise Muslims with its policies, it’s understood new programs will target the potential spread of radical extremism in the nation’s jails, News Ltd says.

Some states already have their own programs, aimed at stopping the rise of radical Islam in prisons, but the Budget is expected to outline a national scheme, with religious classes and better contact between inmates and their families.



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