Sweden: An unaccompanied propaganda bluff

The individuals in the picture below are a small number of those recently granted residency in Sweden after having claimed to have arrived in the country as unaccompanied juveniles who, because of their “youth and vulnerability” must by law be granted protection by the Swedish state and can not be deported to their country of origin. From a brief glance at the picture it would appear that either these little rug rats have had quite a tough journey or they were lucky enough to encounter an immigration officer who has not had his eyes tested recently.

The so-called “unaccompanied refugee children” is a governmental propaganda bluff that is uncritically passed on by the mass media without the least analysis or questioning. It is about young men up to the age of 30 who have no grounds for asylum but yet seek for asylum as “juveniles”, since it is the easiest and quickest way of getting into Sweden.

As fast as the young man (where are the girls?) has got his PUT, permanent residence permit (PUT), the relatives miraculously rise from the dead, show up asserting to be family migrants. In the cases that Merit Wager’s “miggas” (civil servants at the Migration Board who give anonymous reports of the situation) depict, there are 16 relative for three “unaccompanied”. This is more than 5 relatives per person, whose support is not guaranteed by the state, but debits the municipality’s budget of social allowances.

These relatives are often illiterates and will never be able to support themselves. Instead they long-term park on the budgets of the municipalities’ social costs in order to have lifelong financial support. They call for benefits from Sweden without giving anything back. It not surprising that the majority of the municipalities refuses to receive this group.

They come without exception to Europe by means of criminal smugglers that make a massive profit on this business. In order to get here they generally pay a sum that corresponds to 10 000 euros. It has nothing at all to do with poor weaklings who go to Sweden. Because of the fact that Sweden indiscriminately opens its arms for them, Sweden’s government also contributes to a global criminal business.

In Norway dental analyses have shown that 93 per cent of the young men lied about their ages and were considerably older than they stated, in some cases ten years older. In Norway they now tighten up the rules and grant temporary residence permit (TUT), until the “child”is 18 years old. Then he is sent back to his native country.

Now that Norway has changed its rules, the country is not that attractive any longer, and the migrant smugglers chose other destinations. This means an ever higher pressure on the influx to Sweden. Sweden will have to receive yet more. And yet more. And yet more.

Denmark received 469 persons in this group during 2009. To Sweden, there were 2 250. It is a multiplication in just a few years. This year the Migration Board expects at least 3 000 to come, and instead of dealing with the smuggling, the government consider a compulsory legislation in order to force the municipalities to receive the “children”. They plan, thus, to run over the municipal right of self-determination, which is constitutional, in order to continue this insane handling.

Every “child” costs 1 900 SEK/day = 693 500 SEK/year (69 300 EUR). On top of this there are costs for the school, (64 300 SEK/year and per senior high school student), administrator, medical care, daily allowance etc. And also a basic compensation to the municipality of 500 000 SEK in order to “facilitate the reception and increase the quality”. The cost ends consequently up in at least 1,3 million SEK “child” and year.

There seems to be an inexhaustible cash box to spend money from when it comes to so-called refugees, while all Swedes have to suffer from cutbacks, reduced pensions and other deterioration.

The seven parliamentary parties think that they will get away with this policy. They refuse even to debate the issue. I hope that the Swedes will disappoint them thoroughly!



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  1. The Swedes are probably suffering the same condition as us:

    Pressure on to let them in

    “So why haven’t the boat people believed Rudd when he said he’d suspend asylum applications from Afghans and Sri Lankans?

    Why are so many still coming?

    Peter Katsambanis suspects he knows part of the answer – the politicisation of the Refugee Review Tribunal, whose members are now under pressure to approve refugee claims of people they should send home…

    The RRT, which hears appeals from asylum seekers knocked back by the Immigration Department, got with that program, says Katsambanis, and its members, who must reapply for their $168,660 jobs every five years, now operate under “a culture of fear”.

    “It was made very clear by management that long-term career prospects would not be enhanced” if they turned down too many claims, he says. Including unworthy claims.

    “Refugee tribunal members don’t have tenure as judges do … and if they don’t toe management line they are going to be out the door.”

    Katsambanis says that’s happened to him, and serving members have told him they fear they may be next.” …

    Yet it’s odd that among the four people to recommend appointments and promotions of RRT members is John Gibson, president of the Refugee Council of Australia.

    Gibson is a man of integrity, yet has a clear conflict of interest as head of a refugee activist group, and a lawyer working on asylum seekers’ appeals, when he also helps choose which RRT members get promoted. Or dropped.

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