Woody Allen: “It Would Be Good If Obama Could Be a Dictator for a Few Years”

Really, Woody? Would it have been okay for Bush to become a dictator for awhile? How about we spread your wealth around? You’ve gotten rich in what was once a free market.

Woody Allen wants Barack Obama to be dictator for for a few years so that he can completely socialize America. The article published today, May 15, 2010, did not make it into any English-language paper.

The article quotes Allen as saying [first in Spanish, then in English from a trusted reader] –

“Estoy encantado con Obama, creo que es genial. El Partido Republicano debería quitarse de su camino y dejar de intentar herirle.”

Translated to:

“I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.”

And, the money quote:

“…sería bueno…si pudiera ser un dictador durante algunos años, porque podría hacer un montón de cosas buenas rápidamente.”

The translated quote:

“…it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Of course, this comes as a complete shock.

What is it with these leftist loons and their passion for socialist dictators?



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  1. Don't really care what this little prick thinks. It just makes my belief that there is something wrong with liberals even stronger.

    Thank you Woody Allen for proving once again that liberals are the scourge to Western Civilisation.

  2. @CSA – I'm with you there. All these Hollywood people are of a like mind. They all spew the same liberal crap as if they are reading from the same script. Many have become rich because of the free market system they oppose publically.

  3. The joke is simple: better a dictator who helps promote economic justice than a democratically elected leader who lets the rich get away with criminal behavior. You don't have to agree with it to think it's funny because it's called HYPERBOLE. Hyperbole is a device involving the overstatement of an idea or a comparison in order to reinforce what is ultimately a subtler point. It's very common in comedy. Anyway, don't take it too seriously.

    Okay, how superficial do you have to be to think that just because a “Hollywood person” [sic] GAINED something from capitalism, s/he also has to be IN FAVOR of it? Part of being human is that you can sometimes argue for something a little larger than your own damned self interest. But I guess if you're a republican you might not understand that.

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