Google Declares War on SBPDL

One of the blogs I regularly visit is ‘Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL)’. Google has started censoring the blog – I suppose something that we all expect once we get too close to the truth. Luckily the blog owner will be moving the blog soon to avoid being closed completely. SBPDL has done a fantastic job in highlighting what is happening in South Africa – so thanks SBPDL – may your blog continue to entertain us!!

We knew this day was coming. Tragically, it is finally upon us. Google has declared war on Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

The company has every right to operate its business as it sees fit, but a company dedicated to truth and zero censorship engaging in a systematic removal of all search results that would lead the individual to shows that we have done something correct. Obviously, we upset those who create powerful algorithms that returned unsuitable and unflattering hate facts with regards to Black people to the person searching Google for answer.

Was it one of the entries we did on Haiti? Perhaps Michael Oher? Maybe the flood in Nashville? Black people and tipping?

Maybe the impending collapse of South Africa, a nation Bloomberg Businessweek just lauded with hilariously dishonest cover story, hit a little to close to home for those who deem jokes at Black people’s expense unbecoming.

None the less, we stand by what we have written about Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Black people being quiet at movies and most importantly, South Africa.

The World Cup that starts in three weeks in South Africa will witness the end of many pernicious myths that govern this world. Again, this website was started as a joke.

Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, we got our inspiration from Stuff White People Like, a website dedicated to the cultivated sensibilities of Disingenuous White Liberals everywhere.

Over time, this website morphed into something else entirely and we grew a following of curious individuals interested in unconventional views unfettered of censorship. In the spirit of the open market of free ideas, we posted entries about Black people that served one purpose: to educate the world on Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Facebook censored us at one point. Now, Google prepares to lower the proverbial axe.

This is not a sad day. For almost one year, SBPDL has been online. There existed no goals when we started.

A hilarious video was viewed one evening of a Popeyes restaurant that ran out of fried chicken. An actual news report was shown that showed the hysteria created in the Black community by this unresolvable tragedy.

An idea was sparked. Show the world Stuff Black People Don’t Like, with the first entry running out of fried chicken.

As this article showcases, Google has finally decided to stop allowing its powerful search engine to see desired (or undesired) results that would lead them to

Let me be blunt. Google censors political speech.

The world has known for some time that Google’s algorithm can be programmed to censor websites and keywords. Back in 2005, CNET claimed all its reporters were blacklisted for a year for posting information about your CEO Eric Schmidt — information that was publicly available through Google’s own search engine.

On a grander scale, Google also proved its willingness to censor political speech when it set up shop in China, although now your company is threatening to pull out because of cyberattacks on your infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, spying took place against human rights activists in China.

Let me be blunt now. The power of Black Run America (BRA) is immense. The Haiti earthquake is one of more tragic events in recent history precisely because it showcases the inequality of the races.

The civil reaction to the flood in Nashville that the media ignores stands in stark contrast to the New Orleans situation in 2005.

Google will soon take the final action and rid itself of the cancer known as Stuff Black People Don’t Like forever soon. Black Run America can have no detractors, for someone has decided to declare war on us and to it that Google expunges our website for any search.

We do not have delusions of grandeur. This day was coming and we will not shed a tear for the downfall of SBPDL.

Plans have been in place to move the website to a new provider for a long time. will still be around, but the connection to Google is reaching its omega.

Google helped us grow an audience and attract devout followers. Thank you.

With the cessation of search engine results leading to when querying, however, we deduce that war has been declared.

We bow to the awesome power of BRA and Mein Obama. We kneel before Zod Obama, and definitely cast a ruefully smile in the direction of the anointed ones.

So, if we mysteriously disappear in the coming days, shed no tear for our demise.

Once, the person behind this website read a profound quote that was disregarded: “In a fight between you and the world, back the world.”

The entire western world operates under the delusion of equality, while the elites who govern our society have constructed a system that promotes inequality through hiring practices, affirmative action and diversity programs.

The Man is always to blame for Black failures, yet The Man simultaneously and actively discriminates against the same people who purportedly keep down the lot of Black people through something called ‘white privilege’.

SBPDL apparently took on the world, at least the world governed by Black Run America. We lost.

We remember an article entitled Is Google Making Us Stupid? that was published in The Atlantic. The answer to that question is a resounding no. For almost one year, Google offered readers who searched for facts and answers to questions about Black people the opportunity to visit a small website called

We thank them. However, at some point we stepped on the wrong toe and the world as governed by the rules of BRA decided enough was enough.

The ranks of those who can see grow daily. In three weeks time, the World Cup in South Africa commences, an event that will forever end the idea of egalitarianism.

SBPDL truly believes we live in a time of unprecedented upheaval. All that remains to happen to end the current order is the economy.

Hollywood is making a film inciting racial hate against Pre-Obama America entitled Machete, because immigration reform is now the hot issue.

Guess what? Those Tea Parties are for real. Overwhelmingly white, an unabashedly limited government it will dawn on a smart individual soon on how to exploit this obvious connection.

Right now, the world stands united against truth. That is the only weapon SBPDL tried to showcase, through the website Stuff Black People Don’t Like. The truth regarding crime, the collapse of American cities, interracial rape and STD rates.

It is at this time we recall the words that resonate throughout the latest Robin Hood film: “Rise and rise again until lamb becomes lion.”

In a fight between you and world, it makes perfect to back the world. Common sense would dictate such a rational response. But this world we live in is not rational.

SBPDL has been declared an outlaw by Google. We can only smile, and say thank you for declaring it almost one year after we started posting.

We leave you with this video from the underrated King Arthur film of 2004. The score is provided by Hans Zimmer. To SBPDL it embodies beauty, hope and above all else courage.

It evokes perfectly what the phrase, “Rise and rise again until lamb becomes lion,” means.

Google has declared war on SBPDL. That means we did something exceedingly right.

Thank you to all of the loyal readers of this site. We aren’t going anywhere, it’s just Google has declared war.

Link for video and source


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  1. Google is full over overly bright college grads, with zero real world experience. Educated in fantasy land, and working in fantasy land.

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