Fifa admit World Cup sales in Africa ‘poor’

When South Africa was first awarded the Soccer World Cup the expectation was that close to 1 million people would visit SA for the tournament. As time went by and the brutal crime levels continued to rise, that figure dropped to +/-500 000. Now the number is 230 000 and of the 2.5 million tickets sold, over 1 million have been bought by South Africans. So, all those billions pumped into stadia are going to benefit who? How many indigent people could’ve been helped with the money pumped into stadia and cadres pockets? In my opinion, this has been one huge money laundering scheme and I hope FIFA are proud about how they did business with the corrupt ANC Government.

On another note, Fifa wanted more Africans to be able to attend the tournament but they now reveal that only 11,300 people in Africa made ticket purchases – and the reason? Africans don’t have access to computers or credit cards! No, you don’t say! Who would have thunk that the dark African continent would be backward and lag behind every continent on this planet?

A senior Fifa official has said he was “disappointed” by the number of World Cup tickets sold to fans in African countries.

Jerome Valcke said only 40,000 tickets have been sold in countries in the continent outside of South Africa.

The football body has faced criticism for not making tickets accessible to Africans, as most tickets were being sold via the internet.

It is the first time the World Cup is being held on African soil.

‘Priced out’

Mr Valcke – who has previously billed the event as a “real African World Cup” – said that African sales were “poor” and that Fifa would have to re-think its strategy towards Brazil, hosts of the 2014 Cup.

“It’s really not a lot of tickets when you think that we have so many African countries playing in the World Cup,” he said at a press event in South Africa.

“The system that we put in place was not perfect for South Africa and for Africa”.

He said that there were also difficulties in air travel from one African country to South Africa.

South African Tourism Minister Martinus van Schalkwyk said on Tuesday that the figures were 76% less than those forecasted for the event.

He said that only 11,300 people in Africa made ticket purchases, out of a total of 230,000 foreign fans.

In March, Mr Valcke denied that Africans were being priced out of tournaments.

While tickets in South Africa were offered at a lower price, fans in other African countries had to pay the standard amount – with the cheapest costing $80 (£54).

Critics also said that many Africans would face difficulties accessing the internet, or might not have a credit card to make purchases online.

Over 2.5 million tickets have been sold out of 3 million available for the World Cup, which begins in three weeks.

More than a million have been bought by South Africans.



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  1. A big thank you to fifa for this wonderful tournament. Thank you for taking money out of the country rather than putting money into it. Thank you for supplying the ANC with more financial kick backs then they are already getting from the South African tax payer. Thank you for spending our tax money on stadiums rather than on infrastructure, maintainance and education. Thank you for not applying pressure on the South African government to stop the out of control crime. Thank you for supplying the victims to keep the South African criminal alive and well. Thank you for putting white South Africans at greater risk to violent crime by painting us as the evil racists who don't want the world cup to be a success rather than dealing with our real fears about our own genocide. Thank you for making the right to do business within the fifa framework so expensive as not to provide the normal South African any opportunity to make a viable venture.

    Thank you fifa, thank you. May South Africans thank you by hating your organisation for all eternity.

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