Australia: Zim Born Man charged with knowingly spreading HIV

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A circus acrobat accused of spreading HIV to a woman through unprotected sex is being extradited from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

Queensland police have charged Godfrey Zaburoni, 31, with two charges, including grievous bodily harm, after a woman who tested positive to HIV made a complaint against him.

Health officials say other women in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria could have been infected.

Acting Queensland Deputy Police Commissioner Col McCallum says Zaburoni, who has been HIV positive since 1997, has given authorities the names of 12 women with whom he has had sex.

“What we’re urging for is for anybody involved with this person to come forward. Firstly and primarily we’re concerned about their health and wellbeing,” he said.

“And we ask them to contact Queensland Health. If they have further concerns, we ask them to contact the police through the CrimeStoppers hotline.”

Zaburoni, a Zimbabwean-born Australian citizen, has appeared as a contestant on Channel Seven program Australia’s Got Talent.

A Sydney court this morning approved his extradition to Queensland and he will appear in the Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young says it is possible more women could have been infected.

“I’m not confident about the numbers. I think there’s a number. Of those 12, not all of those are in Queensland,” she said.

“Seven of those were in Queensland. The others were in New South Wales and Victoria, but he’s also been in other states.

“Unfortunately, he was not able to give us sufficient information so we could contact those women directly.”



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  1. Hey, he has rights. Not his fault he comes from a nation where aids and crutch rot is endemic. Not his fault dumbass girls shag him. Poor bugger is another victim of white colonialism is Africa. If Cecil hadnt turned up he would have been throwing spears right now.

  2. Africa Addio

    Never say that the Blacks from Africa never give you anything!

  3. No way! I'll leave the Australian girls to their promiscuity, thanks very much. Not for me.

    Saw a survey that showed that amongst the people that participated, Nieu Zealand girls had the highest average number of lovers. It was an average of about 27 lovers per person. They did mention at the end of the article that due to a technology glitch they were not able to conduct the survey in Africa. (He he. I think NZ girls would have been de-throwned, without a doubt.)

  4. Wow I can see why you want to stay anonymous. Poor Bugger a victim! everybody can be a victim just as everybody can be responsible. in this case he acted selfishly and irresponsibly. As for the women, they may all have their individual stories. Some may be just like him, some may be gullible or even uneducated. Each one is an individual human being with her, or his own story. One thing is clear, it is illegal in this country to knowingly spread HIV. And he knowingly spread HIV. So this 'victim' produced many more victims.

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