South Africa: New names for Eastern Cape towns!

Port Elizabeth could soon be known as Nelson Mandela! That’s right folks – the Black masses of the Eastern Cape are starting to re-write our White history and are going to rename all the cities and towns in the region with their unpronounceable gibberish names. If they had designed, built and founded this area then maybe this wouldn’t be so hard to swallow – but they did nothing but be parasites on the white tax money, sucking the teat dry and now they get to run this area into the ground and, to add insult to injury, rename the whole area to boot. No money to keep their people out of poverty and to stop the crime, but they can find the millions that it will cost to rename a whole region!

Most Eastern Cape towns, including East London and many of its suburbs, could have new names by the end of the year.

Members of the provincial Geographical Names Committee ’s (PGNC) are soon to criss-cross the entire Eastern Cape, holding meetings with different communities and other stakeholders to gather views on the proposed names for the province’s towns, suburbs and other places with colonial names.

Towns that could have their names changed include East London, Grahamstown, Uitenhage, King William’s Town and Port Elizabeth.

The committee has, over the past few months, received submissions on what these towns and their suburbs should now be called. The committee has now drawn up a short-list and is to present it at the public hearings.

Among its proposals is that East London be renamed Gompo; that King William’s Town become Qonce; Grahamstown, Nxele; and Uitenhage, Qhagqiwa. If the committee has its way, it would also change Port Elizabeth to Nelson Mandela.

Other proposed names are:
West Bank to Nongqongqo;
Wilsonia to Nqaza;
Peelton to Ncemerha;
Mount Coke to Mkhangiso;
Abbotsford to Vakwini;
Newlands to Nxarhuni;
Nahoon River to Nxarhuni River;
Nahoon to Nxarhuni;
Buffalo River to Qonce River;
Frankfort to Donqaba; and
Gonubie to Qunube.

Committee chairperson advocate Loyiso Mpumlwana said the committee had delayed the process in order to allow for enough time for communities and other stakeholders to make submissions. “We have been busy formulating district committees, as well as familiarising people and municipalities about the Geographical Names Committee and what it is all about,” he said.

The new process starts all over again on Monday, June 7, when the committee spends the week holding four public hearings in around Buffalo City Municipality. From there it will move to other parts of the province. “The process is aimed at giving residents who live in these areas a say, and we want to reach as many people as possible,” Mpumlwana said.

During the public hearings, residents will be given a chance to either submit new names or vote when more than one option for a particular place is given.



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  1. Whitman Blogger

    Just another waste of my tax money. But hey, I live in a nice house with a nice car and good food to eat, changing the names won’t affect me but it will take a few houses away from the poor, it will take medical services away from the poor, it won’t create sustanable jobs for the poor and is only increasing the bank balances of those select few who will get the tenders to make new signs or print a few thousand letterheads.

    Go for it!

  2. Africa Addio

    @ Whitman
    Ultimatly this insanity will have consequences for you. Guess on who's door the black victims of their own stupidity will come knocking when they are properly agitated and proded by scum like Malema and Co ?

  3. Typical African behaviour , if you dont have a history STEAL IT from whitey

  4. Let them change it, allows us to keep fond memories and the names attached to them. When these wondeful towns and cities get destroyed atleast our memories won't go with them.

    @ anon 28/5/10 22:10

    Yep, they don't have a history so they will steal ours. This is probably the greatest fear I have that one day far in the distant future the Great Boers will not be remembered as the white folks they were but instead will be remembered as blacks. Truly shakes me to the core.

  5. Same thing happens here in the States: once blacks get in control of city councils, etc., one of the VERY first things that inevitably occurs is municipality street and building name changes. The horribly insensitive, racist way in which American communities were built and developed without recogition of black “achievement” is surely the reason why blacks keep themselves as an impoverished underclass. Never mind insignificant factors such as sky-high black teen pregnancy rates, abysmal academic achievement/motivation, black violent crime, single-parent “families,” etc., etc.

  6. Welcome back Joe! Was wondering where you were. You are quite right. Blacks only know how to be the downtrodden, underclass. It's what they excel at!

  7. Howdy LL,

    Thanks for the greeting! In fact, I've been out-of-town attending my nephew's high school graduation. But I'm back in the saddle now, figuring out how to secure a future for my sons which won't be eclipsed by the encroaching Third World. (A move to Scotland, maybe???!!!!)

  8. @Joe – no, stay and fight for your country. We were outnumbered in SA but you still have a majority. Keep plugging the message and people will eventually see what's going on – hopefully not too late. Obama has done more to wake up whitey than anyone else could've done and they're starting to see what's going on. It's the youth that are the most gullible – that's why The One needs to control them. It's only when they reach their 30-40's and have a family that they start worrying about their future.

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