South Africa: Obama sends feds to protect USA team.

There are some websites out there that continue to highlight the goings on in South Africa. Here is another post from the CoCC website.

Obama administration takes unprecedented action to protect an American sports team.

The Columbian soccer team had $2,500 looted from their hotel rooms by hotel staff in South Africa. The same thing happened to the Egyptian team during preliminaries.

Now the Obama administration has ordered federal agents to South Africa to protect the American team. A large force will protect American soccer players whenever they leave their hotel rooms.

Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are attending games and will be surrounded by armies of federal security forces. (So much for loving diversity!)



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  1. Hey come on why do they need the guards,all this people are men?

    No need for the security at there hotels be men,get the tru feeling of SA you dont want to go home with out being mugged or kill least then you will realise what happen to the families you send back that ask for assilym,

    Quite a diffent feeling when the shoe is on the other foot hey!!

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